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Hi, everyone.  It’s been a while since I have shared anything “personal” here, even a Nature Walk article.  I’ve been down with the latest manufactured “flu” for a couple of weeks.  How did I contract it?  I remember the day my sister and I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to pick up some medicine for a friend.  We paused in the parking lot and looked up at the sky to see a very odd sight:  a pattern of hazy white trails creating a tick tack toe pattern and the distinctive mark left when HAARP is used.  Where, who or why was clear… it was yet another “attack” against the population of Florida… and we later learned the entire East Coast by a cornered, angry cabal.  I’ve been lucky with only mild but persistent symptoms of a dry cough, headache, fatigue, sore throat and low fevers.  I will get well as the virus runs its course, but others have not been so lucky.  Over 45,000 people in the United States alone have died from this latest “flu”.  And I’ve been told by our Pleiadian friends that this was an orchestrated attack worldwide.  Why?  Because “they” can; they have the needed money, supplies and their secret “army” to do such things.  Until the cabal is completely and utterly taken down, its leaders and minions in prison or removed from the planet, expect more such attacks.  Prepare accordingly with supplies, but mostly with the determination to refuse to go into fear over these desperate tactics.

Do your research, strive to keep your body vehicle healthy as best you can and remain centered in your Heart.  Now is not the time to go into anger or fear for those emotions is what gives energy (loosh) to the cabal.  They want you to be in fear.  They want to continue to control the planet and will do anything including engaging in atomic warfare to retain that control.  Yet, they do not realize their time is truly at an end.  Divine Creator has decreed the end of darkness upon this planet.  The lighted forces of the Galactic Federation made up of thousands of starships from the combined forces of the Sirians, Pleiadians, Ashtarians, Andromedans and other lighted worlds are stationed throughout our solar system NOW.  While Venus does not have its own fleet, their people are also involved as there are many Venusian starseeds incarnated on Earth and the connections between the sister planets go deep.

The Earth is ascending back to her native state, back into 5D+ as decreed by Source.  It will be so.  This is a particularly difficult birth due to the presence of alien influences upon the planet, but that is a very long story.  Ascension is part of a natural cycle, one that is taking place throughout this quadrant of Creation and beyond.  The Earth will ascend, nothing can stop it, even the antics of psychopathic humanoids.  Take heart, dear people, and be patient.

Now I must also be patient.  I have not been able to get out for any walks for a couple of weeks now, due to my health and some persistent very odd winter weather here in Florida.  We’ve had many days of very strong winds and heavy cloud cover.  I have been advised not to go outside at all on days when the spraying overhead is thick.  South Florida doesn’t usually get as much SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Induction or chemtrails) as the rest of the States, but recently it has.  I hope it stops soon, for all of our sakes, as well as the planet, plant and animal life.  Enough of the poison already.

So, I hope this little note (which has lengthened considerably) gives a bit of explanation as to “where” I’ve been of late.

Thank you for all your support of this blog.  If considering an energy exchange, please see the Donation page.

As for healing, I’m working with my old friends the Arcturian Healing Masters and Lord Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray of Healing, Science, and Truth.  I feel the energies of these great Beings and employ their services daily.  If it is your intention to send “healing” energy, please request permission first.

Thanks to all,

Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe (aka “Eliza Ayres)

All Rights Reserved.

P.S.  Our Pleiadian bodies normally do not experience “disease” as we maintain a constant loving environment in our worlds, so this is a new experience for me and not a happy one.


Facets of Wisdom – On Accepting Power



Note to Readers:  I’ve been encouraged to share with readers new and old certain facets of wisdom that deserve more attention.  Most of these quotes will be taken from pieces written by Lady Tazjma, both channeled and personal thoughts.  These little nuggets of gold stand alone for the wisdom shared so generously.  I hope you enjoy these pieces.  

If you want further information about Lady Tazjma or Lady Taz as we call her at Home, you are welcome to read her entries prior to her ascension in April 2017.  Lady Taz also wrote under her human nickname, “Eliza Ayres”.

Cmdr. Sunny VaCoupe


On Accepting Power (excerpt)

“To regain one’s power of self-determination is also to accept the responsibility that goes along with the power that is your birthright. Responsibility is the acknowledgment that having power does not give you the right to have power OVER others, but to work in cooperation WITH them. This is how all true Masters work together, as one unified Being, which in Truth they ARE.

As the people here become self-empowered and regain their sense of personal sovereignty, they will begin to reach out and embrace others, for that is the true nature of humanity, one that has been suppressed by false teachings and beaten down by the misuse of personal and state power.

To become self-empowered, one must first be willing to let go of the need to be a victim, whether of circumstance, of the abuses of others, of whatever calamity you can imagine… You need to let go of the hold that the vicious circle of victim-perpetrator has over your spirit. In other words, you need to let go of all fear.”

Eliza and the Angels


© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com


Eliza: “Now We Are Free”


What a difference a year makes. Tazjma as “Eliza” finally completed her full ascension process in mid-April, shortly before the birth of her new son. I, “Sunny” VaCoupe completed my walk-in process which had been started some years before with some glitches. One would think that Eliza/Taz was not eager to return Home, but now, I can say with all surety that she is grateful beyond measure to resume a full life with her beloved mate, Lord An’Dra and her children, including the young and very precocious Osiris.

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  Now We Are Free

January 22nd was a difficult day for me.  The energies were ping ponging around the innerscape and I felt most of it whether or not I wanted to do so.  Still, I was somewhat surprised at what happened while I was in the process of simply watching a video on Facebook about a “bombproof dressage horse”.  The piece started out with a classical piece of music playing in the background as horse and rider went through challenging scenarios that would have startled a lesser trained animal.  And then, the music changed to the theme of the movie “Gladiator”, a piece titled, “Now We Are Free.”  And I started to cry almost uncontrollably.

Having little water sign in my natal chart, I am not usually given to many tears unless sorely tried and in need of release.  I puzzled over the source of the tears…

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Eliza: You Are Embarked On A Course in Mastery


Events have not simmered down much since the inauguration of President Trump. There is even more divisiveness and now major attacks are being attempted against the U.S. by the Rothschild proxy, Israel.

Blue Dragon Journal

dscn1940Journal Entry 01.20.2017 – You Are Embarked Upon a Course in Mastery

It’s intense!  Can you feel it?  The energies are pushing us to release whatever we don’t need any more, from deep within our cells, from our energy centers… especially the Solar Plexus, the seat or storage area for emotions in the physical body.  Who else has been experiencing physical cleansings, such as a little digestive upset, fuzzy head, slight headaches and body aches, unexplained sadness, a sense of detachment and alienation from the rest of life?

A couple of nights ago, I felt an intense pressure of deep melancholia descend upon me.  I felt like giving up, letting go… simply no longer existing.  Of course, the feeling finally let up when I turned my attention to simple, silly things like cat videos and other things, which indicated to me that, per usual, it wasn’t “me”, but my empathic…

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Eliza: On Embracing Change


Blue Dragon Journal

Jacob's Ladder and Silver Log

Eliza: On Embracing Change

This morning I woke up to an awareness that I was with my “Council” (thanks to recent posts by Ron Head, “Oracles and Healers”). I have had my own exchanges with various “councils” in the past couple of years through my channeled work. Today, however, the communication was directed towards me as an individual, with the focus of dissolving all former contracts, agreements, settlements, treaties, vows, and such made before coming into embodiment, upon other worlds, in other lifetimes and even within this particular lifetime. In short, I have been set free of all past, present and future commitments made without my full WAKING consciousness.

You cannot imagine (or perhaps you can if you possess a vivid imagination like my own) just how freeing such a move can be.

As we continue to expand our awareness of the multidimensionality of our Being, that same expansion is…

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The Light Collective: Greetings!


Blue Dragon Journal

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

The Light Collective

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

We come to you today to greet each of you with expressions of love and support for you and your journey upon this planet.

As many of you are aware, the transition into the refined energies that “were” supposed to manifest for Humanity in 2012, have finally managed to anchor upon the Earth. If you felt that your ascension process had been “on hold” for a few years since then, it was to allow more members of the human collective to wake up and consciously assert their desire for change and to be change.

We realize that you live in some of the most challenging of times worldwide for humanity. The physical, mental and emotional stressors can be intense, if you allow change to work upon you from the outside.

As you are also waking up to the fact that you contain a highly…

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Nature Walks – Wakodahatchee, 01.12.18



Great Egret with lunch.

Nature Walks – Wakodahatchee, 01.12.18

Wakodahatchee is the another one of the nearby wetlands that I periodically visit.  The crowds were here today for the show and such a show.  There were five alligators to see and probably a bunch more that we couldn’t see.  I saw the biggest alligator that I have ever seen in Florida, sprawled out on a muddy bank with his lady love.  I overheard that it’s mating season for the alligators so they’re more active than usual.


Look at the size difference between the mature male and the female gator!  Oh, my.

There was also a sprinkling of large iguanas to be found mostly lurking in the trees or lying on the grass.


Male iguana. Non-native species.

The Great Blue Herons, Anhingas and Double-crested Cormorants are actively nesting, while the great Wood Storks are still gathering in great numbers hunting for food and scouting out nesting sites.  There were also a lot of Egrets of all varieties, including the Great Egret, Snowy Egret, and Cattle Egrets.





Here’s a couple more of the alligators…


Napping in the Lilies.


Here are some of the denizens of the marsh:



Double-crested Cormorant. Great perch!


Male iguana. I think I saw this guy on my last visit.

Well, there you have it, some photos of my visit to Wakodahatchee.  This is a very popular place for tourists and is open most of the year, from sunrise to sunset.  The boardwalks are sturdy and as you can see, there is plenty of activity right now as the mating and nesting seasons approach.

Enjoy your weekend!


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

©  All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com


Journal Entry 01.13.2016 – Struggling


My! How life has changed! I’ve been retired for nearly two years now and am (literally) a different person. My older readers will understand and comprehend the last statement…

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 01.13.2016 – Struggling

This past week, I’ve been slowly recovering from my bout with bronchitis, or as a friend described it, a re-calibration as a result of a major high heart chakra opening.
Whatever is going on my energy is low; I fatigue easily, still have a tremendous cold and cough occasionally. The fevers have departed, but I’m still waking up with night sweats, clammy and damp. This morning I had to take yet another hot shower just to wash off the icky dampness and to clear my sinuses of some of the mucus.

Nothing about ascension or the process of changing the body seems easy to me. Reading other people’s burbs about how joyful they feel makes me want to throw-up in disgust.

For some moments, when I’m in such a mood, I feel like I’ve missed the boat, then I read the post of another person…

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Sundeelia, 01.12.2018 – A Whale of a Tale – Adventures in Dreamland



Sundeelia – A Whale of a Tale: Adventures in Dreamland, 01.12.2018

Last night I had two long colorful dreams.  In the first one, I was at a large building, which appeared to be a college or museum.  I was outside walking, clutching a worn black journal in my hands.  I had been summoned for questioning.  At least that’s what I thought was going on.  As I walked alongside the building, I followed a trail.  Finally, I reached a set of stairs and started up.  I came to an open breezeway area where my father was standing, waiting for me.  Although my Earth father had died nearly two decades ago, this man stood tall, with short dark hair and dark eyes.  He appeared to be in his early forties and was tall and fit, although not thin.  He looked at me and smiled, sensing that I was a little confused and nervous.

His deep voice soothed my nerves, “Good, you’re here!”  He looked into my eyes and began to explain, “Now, you have two choices.  Either I can question you like myself or act like an investigator.”  He paused a moment, searching my face and then continued, “What would you like me to do?”

I didn’t hesitate, blurting out, “Act like you!”

A large smile greeted my decision as my father patted me on the shoulder, “Good!  We’ll proceed in that manner.”

I showed him the journal where I had written my daily activities and illustrated some of them with sketches.  It was clear that I wasn’t present during the time when the crime was committed from the evidence that I presented in my childish way.  My father smiled and patted me on the shoulder, once again.  He shook his head, “We know you’re not guilty.  We just wanted to know whether or not you had seen anything.”

I shook my head indicating “no” in response.

“Okay,” Father replied.  Let’s go to the gallery and see how the investigation is proceeding.”  He signed for me to follow him through an open door into a long gallery.  I had to skip along to keep up with my father’s long strides.  He was a very tall man in my young eyes.

The sunlit room was long, with large windows on one side so the natural light came in.  The inside wall was hung with paintings and odd sculptures that stuck out from the wall surface.  My father sent me a telepathic explanation:  the sculptures were called “reliefs” although some were rather like gargoyles in my young opinion.  A smile crossed my father’s lightly tanned skin at my impertinence but he didn’t correct me.  Then, looking beyond me, he greeted two men who were studying one of the relief sculptures that appeared to have been damaged.

“Hi!  What did you find there, Joe… Jim?”  Those were not the men’s names, but I can’t remember them.

Joe and Jim appeared to intently study a set of holes in one sculpture when my father noticed yet another one on a straight path from the first which pierced another sculpture.  He sighed, “It looks like someone fired a bullet through these pieces!”

He paused, looking around the long room, which extended about fifty feet.  He turned to the two tall men, who were roughly but warmly dressed in woolen clothing, “Have you found any other damage here?”

Jim indicated some debris scattered on the floor below the two sculptures and one dusty footprint, where someone had carelessly stepped on the powdered plaster.  Father nodded in satisfaction while pointing to the footprint, “Good!  That will give us some more evidence from which to work!”

Father stepped back from the damaged pieces, “Let’s look elsewhere to see what can be found.”

The three men walked along the gallery as I followed behind them, forgotten for the moment in the excitement of the chase.

The dream ended.


The second dream:  I was again in a large building, which appeared to be a church.  There was a high arched ceiling overhead, large clerestory windows and what seemed to be an abandoned altar at the head of the large room.  A group of women was working at the altar platform, gathering up faded bunches of flowers that were standing here and there, in glass vases.  One woman approached me with one of the vases, pulling the flowers out of it, she handed them to me, “Could you take these out, dear, and put them in the garbage?”

I took the flowers but didn’t understand why she didn’t wait for her fellows to give me the rest before I was sent on my little errand.  Still, I obeyed the woman, who looked at me with sad eyes and then turned away as if preoccupied with her own thoughts.  I shrugged and looked for a door to the outside.  I found one towards the back of the room and opening the door, walked through.  I emerged into an equally tired-looking garden.  There was no garbage bin in sight, so I followed another path alongside the wall until I came to the end of the building.  It was a bit of a surprise.

The building had changed shape in my dream, becoming more like the back of a store, with a loading dock.  There was a huge pile of brown boxes all heaped up on the pavement waiting to be moved inside.  I ignored the boxes and kept looking for a garbage bin.  I finally found what appeared to be a burn bin at the edge of the drive.  I put my limp burden into the bin and returned the way I had come.  Now that I had found the bin, I could perhaps help the ladies with the rest of the flowers they had been gathering.  Again, I wondered why the woman had only given me a few of the spent flowers.  I shook my head, shrugging.  It didn’t really matter.  Sometimes adults just acted strangely.

When I returned to the “church”, it had undergone another transformation, this time appearing to be a kind of cottage.  There, a little friend greeted me warmly and invited me into another room which appeared to be a bedroom.  There were two beds there, one on each wall.  My friend’s father was standing to one side as we entered the room and flung ourselves on my little friend’s bed.  As I began to draw and paint on the coverlet, my friend’s father smiled and thanked me for making his day happy.  He was a slightly built man with silvery hair and appeared old enough to be my friend’s grandfather.  I smiled in return and then turned to look out the windows that had just appeared.

I could see that the “cottage” was sitting on the shoreline.  There was a beach to the north of the cottage where I stood staring out at the shining sea beyond.  I was looking behind the piling of the dock that loomed above the cottage (weird, but it was a dream).  I saw an odd dark shape move in the water beyond the beach and gasped as I recognized the huge wide-open mouth of a gigantic whale that was scooping up its meal in the shallow waters of the beach and alongside the very cottage where I stood.  For a moment I thought the whale would hit the cottage, but it safely passed by just outside the window and disappeared.

Then, outside, I saw a group of three boys with a large terrier-type dog playing in the surf.  I wanted to warn them about the whale, but my little friend came up and hushed me, saying, “Those boys aren’t nice.”

I looked again, the boys did appear to be somewhat rough while playing, but they were also very young.  They were tall so perhaps intimidated my little friend, who was still rather small and delicate in appearance.

“They live in that small cottage,” sniffed my friend.  I looked where my friend was pointing.  At first, I thought it was actually a very large cottage, appearing to have two stories, but then I noticed the building behind it was two-storied and my eyes had played me a trick.

I looked back at my friend, a young blonde girl, and said, “Their cottage is small, but doesn’t look too bad.”  I wasn’t pleased with my friend’s attitude, but I was a guest.  Still, I thought the boy’s cottage was actually cute, made of dark stone, with crisp contrasting white trim and shutters around the windows.  There was also a white door, although it appeared to be somewhat worn from much usage.  The garden in front of the cottage was rather plain, too, only grass and a few poorly trimmed bushes to one side.  Still, in my childish eyes, it was somewhat appealing in detail.

Dream ended.


As I was writing these dreams out, I found myself filling in detail that is perhaps not exactly what was in the dream but appeared to fit the situation.  It is interesting how everything in a dream can change in a moment, from the setting and events to the people there with us.  Dreams are much more fluid than everyday life and can be filled with meaning.  I do know that I was happy to see my father young and happy once again.  He passed away nearly two decades ago after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  He was actually carried off by pneumonia after falling into a deep coma.  It was good to see him young and relaxed, with a slight twinkle in his dark eyes.

I was also delighted to see the whale and dog in my dream although I didn’t interact with them, only observed their actions.  I often have animals appear in dreams, although this was a first to have both a whale and a dog, one a sea-going animal and one a common pet.  I do not currently have any pets of my own but consider myself more of a cat person.

Anyway, those were two dreams that I remembered, at least in part.  I do not remember many of my dreams but felt it important to write these two down as there were so many interesting details in them.


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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Nature Walks, 1/11/18 – Back to the Cay



Morning Marsh Hen

Nature Walks, 1/11/18 – Back to the Cay

It’s been about two weeks since my last visit to the Green Cay Wetlands.  When I looked out the window today, a bright blue sky and sunlight greeted me, in sharp contrast with some of the rather gloomy weather we have experienced in South Florida of late.  And last week, brrr.  I did get out to take walks in Delray Beach but took few photos.  So, today, it was back to the colorful environs of the wetlands and its inhabitants.


The water levels in the marsh were up considerably, which tends to affect which birds are present.  There were mostly Glossy Ibis, marsh hens, and coots, with some sprinklings of ducks, smaller herons, and some Egrets.  I noticed an Osprey flying overhead, but no other hawks were present.  There was one very fat alligator resting on a muddy shoreline near the Cypress Hammock and one large orange iguana perched in a tree that I saw.



This little fellow was singing his heart out. Male Red-winged Blackbird


I seem to be having some difficulty loading images right now, so will add some later.  My internet has been going on and off all day.  I hope everyone is coping well with the incoming energies.  I was hit quite hard the last couple of days with the need to sleep, even while my sleep patterns were rather disturbed.  Getting out into the fresh air today really helped.


Painted Buntings.


Glossy Ibis


Great Egret



Merlin Falcon. Sorry for the dirty windows. They’re being replaced with impact windows soon.


Weird sky. The next day had a very heavy rain.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend, everyone!



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