Who’s at Gitmo? Montagraph Asks [video] ~ Dec. 30, 2017

These “people” are being subjected to military law, outside the jurisdiction of the corrupt courts. They are being treated as enemy combatants. They had every intention of destroying 90% of humanity and making the planet a wasteland. There is no way to give them a “fair trial” on the mainland, so many of those who are being incarcerated will be held for the remainder of their natural lives unless sentenced to death for their crimes against humanity. They showed no mercy to any of us, poisoning our water, air and soil, our food, weaponizing our electronics, medicating us with poisons, enslaving adults through debt and imprisoning or killing our children. Understand this is an extraordinary transition from a lengthy nightmare to planetary healing. And it starts now.


GREAT article here. Molly from Starship Earth has “hit one out of the all park” with sharing her thoughts about “what” is going down, “who” is taking it down, and “where” this is all headed to.

 Although her article is fairly long, many positive points are made pointing out the exasperated thinking made by many that are not well-thought out. Be sure and see the accompanying video for yourself, discover how you feel about providing mercy for the Cabal (who have many methods for the elimination of humans), and…


Montagraph is a smart guy, and doesn’t hesitate to explain why he feels the way he does, but is he correct?

There are two ways to look at the current situation; the traditional way, using logic pertaining to the Constitution, American laws, humane practices, etc., and non-traditional ways that actually apply to this extraordinary situation we now find ourselves in.

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