Arcturian Group Message December 31, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @

Rainbow Wave of Light


                                      DECEMBER 31,2017

Greetings and  a very happy New Year holiday to all.  2018 will  indeed  be a new year because you have brought the energy of enlightenment to the forefront in many areas.   Try not to judge world events or process the outer scene during this new year from the level of third dimensional beliefs.
This now moment  is a new time, one in which many cherished concepts and beliefs are being recognized for what they really are–self serving, righteous, and fully based in separation.  Old and dense energy cannot survive in the presence of the higher frequencies of Light  now flooding Gaia herself and those upon her who are receptive.
Energies from centuries of un-awakened consciousness remain stored in certain physical  locations just as it is held …

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