Late Day Updates for Dec. 29, 2017 [videos] ~ Dec. 29, 2017

Interesting compilation. Use your own discernment. Do your own research.


LOVE this recap by Molly at Starship Earth. Keep these news compilations coming! So…please watch the various videos, think and consider about what you are hearing, and…


Quite a list here…

I agree with Isaac. This is the official announcement, but it’s on the heels of the actual detention, arrest, and incarceration of some of the biggest, baddest criminals ever known. It’s all legal and planned in advance. The public must be aware of the predators and help to stop the pedophilia.

An update from Col. Potter on Q, the indictments, etc.

Huma Abedin’s cousin convicted of fraud

And another politician with a medical boot…

And here’s an interesting idea about the deaths of the top Illuminati turds. Will they fake their deaths to avoid prosecution? Do they really think the White Hats will fall for that crap? We know that all kinds of people have faked their…

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