Ascension Notes: Bodyspeak – 29-Dec-2017 | Soulstice Rising

Actually, time and space DO exist beyond Earth. Each solar system and planet have their own flow of days. Space can be folded to allow starships to travel quickly from star system to star system. There is much to learn and unlearn under the stars of Heaven.

Forever Unlimited

Ascension Notes: Bodyspeak
by Kara Schallock

– 29-Dec-2017 | Soulstice Rising 

As we gracefully move to the end of this Earth year, which isn’t recognized by the higher dimensions, as there is no time beyond Earth, we continue to receive frequencies that upgrade our very own Light Codes, cells and DNA. This awakens us even more to any old illusions we still carry within. It awakens our Knowing; the Truth in our Hearts, which affects how we perceive things in our lives. At this point, the only you is your Highest Self. How does it feel to radiate such Light and how does it feel to be one of the many creating a new world? It has not been an easy snap-of-the-fingers traverse for sure. As we leave the old world behind, we begin fresh again, as Ascension is infinite and it spirals. We are part of a grand…

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