A few “News Items” type videos 1 of 3… “SGTReports about Hillary and DWS”

It’s our civic duty to be informed as much as is possible these days and you’re not going to find real news on MSM fake news channels. I found myself listening to all sorts of citizen journalists yesterday, from the professional to a lady putting on her make-up while talking earnestly about today’s situations behind the scenes! We all count! Let’s all do our own research, as much time allows and if we’re so inclined… and know when to take a break, too, as much of what we are learning is especially daunting, potentially upsetting, to those who do not have a clue… yet.

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There’s three “sort of news” type posts in this quick series. I’ve been watching a few here and there, and all of those in these three posts have items of interest for at least a few. As always, see what fits for you, and always use that Higher Discernment, baby!



Published December 27, 2017
Don’t think for one minute that ANY of the massive Clinton-Uranium One-Fusion GPS-FBI coverup corruption would be exposed if Hillary Clinton was in the White House. It seems that President Trump is making good on his campaign debate promises to “look into Hillary’s situation” and his latest Executive Order is a shot across the bow of the Clinton cabal: it targets Clinton-Linked individuals & Lobbyists. Hillary Clinton is squarely in Trump’s crosshairs now.

#Q BOMBSHELL: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ORDERED Seth Rich’s MURDER


Published on Dec 29, 2017
Jerome Corsi…

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