They’re Monitoring Something in Space ~ Dec. 28, 2017

Any technology Earth-based scientists and engineers can cobble together is no threat to anything “out there”. We’re already surrounded by cloaked ships from Ashtar Command who have been actively clearing our skies of negative alien influences. The show is already here and there is more to come…


Now this is a very intriguing video from Secure Team asking why various governments are  ALL putting rocket’s into space. These are NOT warheads of any kind, but perhaps these  governments (USA, Japan, China, Russia) are all extremely interested in keeping tabs on something that is “out there” in space and perhaps headed, this way, towards Earth.

Now, ya’ll know I AM a spiritual girl, and have read (and believe) a “super wave” is headed Earth’s way that will, in fact, be known as a “Tsunami of Love” that will envelop the Earth totally all at once with the wonderful affect of causing a “change of heart” in the mass consciousness of ALL currently on the Earth.

This will be the opening bell for abundance for all, as well as peaceful living. Debts (and debt slavery) will become a thing of the past. Humanity will no longer be encumbered by…

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