Nature Walks – It’s a Lizard’s Tail (Tale)


Nature Walks – It’s a Lizard’s Tail (Tale)

OMG, if I didn’t realize it was the holidays, I do now.  The snowbirds and vacationers are here in full force.  I’ve never seen the parking lot at Wakodahatchee as full as it was when I first arrived.  Then, when I was about to leave, there were seven cars waiting for parking places.  I know, it’s hardly as exciting as a Monday Football game, but my life here is rather quiet these days.


Anyway, room on the boardwalk was hard to find at times, as I jostled past family groups and lurking camera people waiting for just the right shot of this or that.  Well, the crowds were worth it (I guess — I’m not fond of crowds) as I saw tons of huge iguanas and four (4) alligators, plus a colorful assortment of marsh birds.  Between the bored teenagers and lagging youngsters, I wove in and out and around to find breathing spaces along the boardwalk, with assorted sights and creatures to discern.

The Wood Storks are beginning their nesting cycle.

There were pond apple trees strewn with huge iguanas, alligators lolling on islands and at the edge of islands, wood storks competing with Great Blue Herons for nests, marsh hens warning of alligators prowling nearby and assorted other mini-dramas in marsh life.  I saw a couple of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks chirruping to another duck in some kind of bird ritual, a huge orange iguana puffing out his chin pouch in a masculine display and great birds standing together in quiet contemplation as they fished a backwater.


Such is the drama and excitement that can be found in a simple visit to a local wetland as the nesting season begin to unfold although in other regions the weather is still locked down in frigid temperatures.  It was cool this morning, in the mid-60’s, but I fully relished the cool breezes on my bare arms and legs.  No coat for me!

Five iguanas perched in a Pond Apple tree.
Tri-colored Heron
Yes, that is an Alligator.
Male Iguana in breeding colors.
Reflections while fishing. Great Egret.
Double-crested Cormorant
Bird Talk among Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.
Male (black) and female (beige neck) Anhinga pair.

That’s all for now from Wakodahatchee.  Now for a few sights from the local area, taken on Christmas weekend…

Wild Asters at Loxahatchee
Fun on the water, off Delray Beach
Merlin or Pigeon Hawk
Hibiscus Flower, Delray Beach
Before the crowds arrive, early morning, Municipal Beach, Delray Beach.

On weekends, I frequently visit nearby Delray Beach and do some early morning walks there.  You never know what you will come across, but it won’t be snow!

A very Happy New Year’s greeting to all my readers!  May the new year bring you all many blessings and opportunities.


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,


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