Nature Walks, December 28, 2017 – Green Cay


Nature Walks, December 28, 2017 – Green Cay

Christmas is behind us, New Year’s just ahead as the year begins its transition.  You wouldn’t be able to tell it’s winter in Florida, however, as the 80 F degrees, days still continue, at least here in the SE Coast.  There were some rain clouds looming to the south, but as the morning progressed, they dissipated.  Consequently, I was able to join the snowbird crowds on a walk around the boardwalk, passing by clumps of families grouped here and there, as the distinctive “lilt” of a Jersey or New York accent would crash through the quiet.


There were no alligators to be seen today, but plenty of birds and some turtles.  I’ll let them do the talking for me through photos.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Look at those feet!


Great Blue Heron


Red-shouldered Hawk, a common Hawk seen in Florida.


Belted Kingfisher



Wood Stork




Turtle Town

There were a great many more people than were present during the hot and humid months of the Florida summer.  Still, the open-air views of the marsh and hammocks tend to lift my soul a bit even with the extra crowds.

Happy New Year to every one of my readers.  Thanks for making this little blog a success.



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5 thoughts on “Nature Walks, December 28, 2017 – Green Cay

  1. Thank you, Sunny, for continuing to carry the Love Light for Eliza and Taz and for the readers who appreciate it more than words can say. We’re almost there now, I feel, and though we may go through some rough times ahead, I sense the turtles have the answer. I read once that turtle families go their separate ways after the little ones are born, but you, in your wonderful photographs, are proving that is not so. When Turtle Island no longer goes its away alone, but honors and loves all for what they contribute within and without, we will have arrived. I send you my very best for this New Year of 2018, the year of illumination, and great love for all that the forerunners have experienced and thus have understood. Love, B.

    • Barbara, Thanks for the comments. This past weekend, several members of our extended star Family popped in to let us know that there are ongoing celebrations now taking place in the great Retreats and on the ships of the Command (Galactic Federation of Light). Lady Pallas Athena informed us that we have reached a crescendo of Light, that the Light has won. While it will take a few months to be evident at this level, it will soon become apparent that we are going to see great changes on this planet… for the good of all. May many blessings in the New Year arrive at your door! “Sunny” VaCoupe

  2. You have a true gift of capturing the natural beauty wherever you wander… I am very grateful as I find so much peace within feasting on such a variety of wild life from plants, waterways, birds, mammals and even reptiles from turtles to gators. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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