David Wilcock Update on Latest Article, 12-27-17… “Emery Smith hit with Very Serious Attack” (but Raven is okay!)

Kauilapele's Blog

This was the first thing that caught my attention this morning. In all of these seemingly “terrible” type events, there are lessons to be learned, and deeper messages to be realized.

This comes at the end of Section 2 of David’s recent article (Kp blog post here).

And remember that any who wish to assist Emery may donate via his PayPal account.

“Last night I got the kind of text from Emery that you never want to see. Here was a part of it: ‘We pulled over to let dogs pee and in 5 min three black SUVs followed us right after sunset. They pulled off about 50 Meters away and took my dog and accelerated away! I’m devastated! My only last family member’… Emery was extremely distraught, as expressed in other personal texts I will refrain from sharing. His health was also very bad, with what he…

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