Igniting the New Light

Winging with Whitehawk


Igniting the New Light of the Crystalline Grid

Warmest greetings to you as we brink the end of *quite* a year! I’m sharing the perfect video for this threshold moment: eight minutes that will nourish your spirit.

Like many of you, I’ve been plugged in to all the Deep State activities and disclosures of recent months and, at long last, feel that we’ve finally reached the pivot point at which these old (and frankly horrid) story lines are meeting their demise.

SO BE IT! The old matrix of bondage at every level is viscerally collapsing now, and none too soon.

SO MUCH JOY to be alive, awake, and actively replacing what doesn’t work with what will. We are privileged to freely co-create in alignment with the infinite energies of universal benevolence.

Profound healing incoming! Claim it!

Soon we will be far more supported to walk all this talk we’ve…

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