American History Q: The Greatest Theorized Version of American History Never Told

Deus Nexus

DEUS NEXUS NOTE: This is a “Theorized” Version of American history, along with some predictions, posted by MAGA PILL, which is perhaps partially or wholy inspired by the leaks of the anonomous source known as ANON.  This is very interesting material, however, Please use your discernment.

qanon-american-history-q Reposted From MAGA PILL , 12.17.2017

An Anonymous source has layed out a theorized version of American History along with a few predictions that I find very interesting.

I believe it’s closer to the truth than anything you’ll ever read from anywhere else and it was important to preserve for others to analyze.

Back in the 1760’s, the Rothschild (R) banking dynasty was formed and became an international powerhouse and the Rothschild’s became the wealthiest family on earth. Competition: UK royal family (UK) & Roman Catholic Church/Mafia (RCC).

The three dynasties joined forces for mutual preservation and to eventually create and…

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