Journal Entry: 12.26.2013 – An Elemental Song of Creation

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 12.26.2013 – An Elemental Song of Creation

Sometimes the inner workings of transformation are just too difficult to put into sentences, so you must resort to the ageless voice of the muse, poetry:

I am the seeker and the sought
I see now what has not seen for ages past
The one within and from without
Light in the forest
Rain on the meadow
Wind in the willows
Playing with the harp of branches
Soaring clouds float overhead
I AM in love with all that is seen, felt
And exists beyond the sight of my eyes
I walk within the great forest of my dreams
The boles glimmer in the moonbeams
As proud trunks reach high
And touch the stars in the sky
I AM One with Creation and
One with all that moves within
And without my body
My awareness soars to worlds unknown
Untouched by the…

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