David Wilcock on Coast to Coast 12-23-17… “ET Secrets/ The Reality Illusion” VIDEO(s) and MP3s

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This showed up in my feeds recently, and I post a video someone made of the full show, plus MP3s made from David Wilcock’s portion of the show (these were up-volumed and volume-leveled). Feel free to enjoy as you choose. Jimmy Church was the interviewer.

I’ve yet to listen to the entire show, but I do note that David mentioned he was being encouraged by the Alliance to publish an update article(s) very soon. We shall see.

C2C show link: ET Secrets/ The Reality Illusion

MP3s of DW portion (Parts 1,2, each 30 min; Part 3, 11 min.): Part 1Part 2Part 3Complete

Complete DW portion audio player below.


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