More Christ Light – More Humaneness – More Golden Age Vibration

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
here we are already in the last week ofthisamazingly creative year2017 , celebrating Christmas Day in many countries of the world. Over the period of this year, we truly have been challenged to step up and learn about the wisdom of divine manifestation. If they are visible to the collective right now or not, trust that the changes we all have made to reach higher levels of living the Golden Age of Aquarius, will multiply in the upcoming year of the numerological master number 11 – which will be filled with even more power for divinely guided creations. To have the capacity of holding the incoming light, it helps working with the energy field of the Ascended Master Realms.

The Ascended Master for humaneness Lord Confucius:
During his studies of the ancient books, Confucius developed high abilities to read the pattern of the divine blueprint for…

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