Letting In Self-Love And Appreciation, In Your Current Timeline Of You-ness

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

rita loyd

This morning began for me with writing several Thank You letters. One to my parts, one to my Metasoul Aspects, and one to my Galactic Metasoul Aspects, too. I felt the self-appreciation that this offered me, a deepening of self-love, a reflection of everything that I’ve been working to heal and indeed have been healing. I felt a ‘new’ Metasoul Sister emerge today too, who is my Avalonian guide and eager to help bridge many new and emerging soul gifts to me throughout this coming year, as we enter into what has been called ‘2018’, which feels to hold many gifts and surprises itself. I felt so touched by this process and the feeling that it was ‘me’ and also my Higher Self holding this space of letter-writing, of feeling and holding deep gratitude and also curiosity about all of these parts and aspects and how much…

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