Drawing Fear From Others; Transmuting It Into Love

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Maybe you are drawing fear from others right now. This especially can happen during collective events such as the Holiday season when there is so much expectation, conditioning, and conforming to 3D going on. Drawing fear can show up as sudden and intense outbursts from others, being energetically kicked, being ‘insulted’, being judged and pointed fingers at, being unfairly misunderstood, being projected upon without awareness, being excluded. This can seem to happen ‘out of nowhere’ or is the result of increasing advocacy you’ve been doing for more connection and soul resonance with others (as I wrote about yesterday).

Drawing fear from others can happen because parts of them can feel you feeling AND loving your own fears. Because they feel you stepping into your soul purpose and truly being yourself in more authentic ways. Because they want your light to illuminate and transform them too, yet parts…

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