Just Hours Till 12:21 Solstice Activations – Meg Benedicte


Courtesy of Meg Benedicte

Hello ,
Tomorrow, Thursday, December 21st is the annual Solstice event. In just a few hours the powerful gateway that opened on 12:12 will reach its peak moment. For the past week the plasma photon Light streaming from the Galactic Center has been infusing the planet with a morphic field of divine consciousness, the very essence of Creation. Photon energy is the highest form of Light known, and transfers higher intelligence of Light Language into the DNA; it is our Soul Blueprint that bridges the physical with the astral bodies.
Since the Stargate opened on 12:12, the Crystalline Light infusion from the Great Central Sun has been activating the original 12 Strand DNA Human Blueprint in your genetic code, as well as accelerating the crystallization of the Light Body in the axiotonal channels. It has been an extraordinary week and a challenging one for the…

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