Ascension And Enlightenment-Myths and Reality

I love your balanced and grounded commentary on the State of the Planet. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Much of what has been put forth by the New Age psy-op is presently unattainable by the majority of humans here, including most starseeds. Yet the Light has been anchored and the seeds planted for the next cycle. Let the show begin…

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Image by Maria Chambers

A lot of information coming out of the spiritual community suggests that the planet is on the verge of enlightenment. That the events we are witnessing in the world news are a precursor to quantum shifts of consciousness within the masses.

Yet if you allow yourself to feel into the collective consciousness, without judgement, you will most likely conclude that the prevailing energies out there in terms of consciousness are significantly behind yours at this time.

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