Energy Update Hostile High Conflict Alert 


The current cosmic climate appears to be activating energy vampires, narcissists and high conflict people. Like moths to a flame, wasps to honey they circle light workers, empaths and sensitive people greedily. The polarity of the third dimension reveals itself through hostile people and environments. High conflict individuals are becoming increasingly desperate and active as the frequencies shift on Gaia.

To raise our vibration requires facing and releasing negativity. Some are not able or not ready to do this. They may seek to blame others, to create drama as distraction. To shirk responsibility in favour of abuse or aggression, using hostile, forceful, sneaky or deceitful behaviour. Hostile behaviour triggers our fight, flight or freeze mode. We can feel like the victim, the aggressor or the rescuer fighting for justice. All of the above can compromise our sovereignty, serenity and sanity. Anger and fear are corrosive, they eat away at our…

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