ANASTACIA @ In5D – Energy Update – Entering Into A New Year In 2018 Of Creating And Manifesting! – 12-20-17

Higher Density Blog

Energy 2028

by Anastacia-Blue Beyond,   Australian Correspondent,

New Triple INNER PEACE and STRENGTH! – Entering into a New Year in 2018 of Creating and Manifesting!

*With additional mini e-book*

A New Inner Peace and Inner Strength of ALL of our ‘facets’ being upgraded, is being felt from within…flowing up and out which then needs time to be cleared and settled/balanced in Spirit as well – Spirit AND Soul!

A ‘vortex’ of negative energies has been released (refer previous post on New Vortex energy combing through). – so much so, that I needed to remove myself fully off Facebook and ALL contact with ‘others’ for a week…which I have never done like this before and as an Ascension Pioneer and Template for humanity this is Beyond words of how in Totality huge this is!

I am slowly ‘coming back’ – gently and bit by a newer way of being…

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