Quantum Threshold Acceleration – Meg Benedicte


Courtesy of Meg Benedicte

Hello ,

Whatever intentions you set at the beginning of 2017, a ‘1’ year for new possibilities, will get a boost from the incoming energies this week. During this monumental year of change, we’ve been processing and healing past trauma and old festering wounds ready to mend. It has been a year of massive shifts and transforming consciousness, as the old world realities peel away, discarded into the dust heap of the past.

Today’s New Moon, which falls on 26º Sagittarius and the galactic center, is fiery and combustible, vaporizing lost hopes and dreams, disappointments and delusions. This is a powerful ‘spotlight’ moment of revelations, a time of reckoning. While under the galactic spotlight, everything can feel hyper–sensitive. Allow the refiners fire of purification wash through you and liberate you on your spiritual quest for enlightenment.

You are entering a new phase of development, an…

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