The COLLECTIVE of GUIDES via Selena Migeot – 12-16-17 – UNIVERSAL LAWS – LAW of ATTRACTION – CREATING with your THOUGHTS – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Higher Density Blog


A Message from Your Guides    December 16, 2017


It is with great love that we greet you this day. We have much to prepare you for as your ascension codes are in the process of being activated. What we mean by this is: you will become more aware of All That Is. You will have greater discernment about what your reality is, what you can do to enhance your experience of your reality, and what you can do to alter or eliminate those aspects of your reality that you do not care for. This will be a process that some of you will master quicky and easily and others will go on struggling because they lack the belief in their own power and the possibility that they can change their circumstances for the better through their…

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