Nature Walks, 12.12 – Late Autumn Walk


Nature Walks, 12.12 – Late Autumn Walk

Late autumn in South Florida is a crystalline blue world, blue skies, blue waters and fresh air.  Staying at a friend’s condo on the ocean, I took advantage of the cooler mornings to go on a couple of walks in the neighborhood.  I was still recovering from my back injury, but feeling a great improvement.  This morning, I went for a long walk and felt even better, along Hwy. A1A (coastal highway) and then through the local neighborhood.  Later on, I went on still another walk at Green Cay, on my way home.


Since I didn’t get to the wetland until mid-morning, the crowds were different than what I usually encounter earlier in the morning.  The weather was very pleasant.  The local temperatures have been in the mid-40’s at night and low 70’s during the day.  Green Cay was filled with busy birds all feeding, flying and roosting.  I also saw two alligators, one a young alligator and a larger fat one, probably a female who was soaking up some sun.


I really love Green Cay and have enjoyed the time I’ve spent there studying the birds and taking photos of them.  I’ve learned probably more than I realize.






Wood Stork


Green Heron


All the creatures say “hi!”  We share this beautiful planet with such a wide and wondrous diversity of life.  Take the time to spend some moments in Nature.  It is very healing.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

3 thoughts on “Nature Walks, 12.12 – Late Autumn Walk

  1. You take the BEST pictures!!! OMG on the sweet turtles! And my oh my what a fat alligator… the animals seem very well fed at Green Cay. All the birds are so stately and beautiful. And I must add that I really like the top photo of the path to the beach as well…the water looks so inviting!
    Thanks again for your beautiful sharing!

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