Elbow Deep In Finger Paint!

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

new-years-day-2660925__340By Raphael Awen

You may be feeling quite advanced in consciousness, from where you once were, or in comparison to others, but in another way, even the most enlightened among us are all a bunch of kindergarteners, playing with crayons and elbow deep in finger paint!

Which is pretty cool as kindergarten was always the funnest part of school.

We are about to take another big collective consciousness trip, through a piece of space and time known by the numerical name as two, zero, one, eight, or two thousand, one hundred and eighteen.

Be sure to get that right because it’s an address, and we want to remain on the same page, and not get lost, …or…, do we?

Maybe we want to go in the other direction and minus a year, call it 2016, but wait, we can’t do that. We’re in a very crowded corridor of people moving…

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