Going Yin: The Arising Need For Masculine Healing And Leadership

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


Yin energy is coming through this thinned out veil. It follows the initial penetration of the more masculine sun codes. The moon has been a symbol for the feminine and unconscious. It is connected to the shedding and release cycle of the female body. As it increases its presence, it presents invitation. Illumination. Choice points. Awakened feelings and intuitions. This can be felt by many women collectively. Men with their own connection to their inner feminine may be feeling the same.

But how does this translate for men? What are they asking of us? From my own meditations I feel the Deep Sacred Feminine inviting men to go into their hearts. Not to solve an outer ‘problem’, but to feel their inner world. The place that holds the keys to our true sovereignty and power. It is asking the masculine to trust and lean into the arising feminine heart and…

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