Eliza: A Karmic Lesson Learned


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Eliza: A Karmic Lesson Learned

As I am moving through re-experiencing some of my major lifetimes, I find that many of my Star Family who are presently incarnated here are beginning to do the same.  Perhaps relating my stories is serving as a catalyst so that those near and dear to my heart can also begin to undergo profound soul healings…

The following story is, in part, that of a person whom I have come to know as Family. Like others of my Family, our lives have been interwoven through time. While the following is about a masculine lifetime, the current incarnation is female. I have deleted some personal references for the sake of this individual’s privacy. The story is an ancient one, yet relevant to our own times…

“It’s rare that we get an up-close and glaring look at the face of karma, but I have. And you did…

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Journal Entry 12.06.2015 – “Re-entry”


There are Pearls of Wisdom here for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Blue Dragon Journal

Bud Bud

Note to Reader:  This is a lengthy piece, so make some tea or coffee and sit down… you won’t be able to read this on a cellphone.  Sorry, I get in the flow and it all comes out in a swiftly flowing stream like a spring I once saw on the side of Mt. Rainier…

Journal Entry 12.06.2015 – Re-Entry

While attempting to do some massive downloads of software this morning, while my Internet connection blinks on and off, I’ve been listening / watching some of Bill Ballard’s “pearls4u” on the YouTube network.  Got to keep you occupied somehow… might as well be something useful.

Bill speaks from deep inner heartfelt wisdom remembered through this lifetime and connecting it to our original purpose for being here on planet Earth, this duality school room.  If you have time enough to watch crap on television, I would suggest you watch Bill’s…

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