The Truth that Lies Outside

Violet Rays Jane

When we are relieved of the duties of self, one cares less about image, past, others opinions, future, failures, successes, and anything else we are told that must matter to us. We feel; we sense; we know of the gifts we are supplied with, but overlook the beauty within us and that which is all around us. We must wonder why this train we are all on headed to an unknown place is so concerned with making mistakes, what clothes are on our bodies, what houses we live in, what letters are after our names, and what digits are in our bank accounts. Why does this matter? How does this give life meaning? Life is now about selling ourselves. It is about making others believe what we believe, even if  it’s not the truth, not ours, not anyone’s. We do this in order to make money, to find worth, or…

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