James Gilliland Interview, 12.6.2017 –

James Gilliland December 6, 2017 – Interview

This is a great report, with James sharing a lot of behind the scenes info for the goings on in American justice and politics, as well as informing us a bit more about the war going on above our heads, in the skies.  Yes, the galactics are here and the Pleiadians are in charge!



4 thoughts on “James Gilliland Interview, 12.6.2017 –

  1. Just want to thank you for posting the Abre Solaire videos and this one by James Gilliland. They have reminded me of so much and at one point I was in tears and the next point I was doing high fives. Tears because of the confirmation of my Arcuturan heritage and that I am in stasis on board my ship; high fives because I believe, “We’ve got this.” Gaia is going to be okay. That does not mean we give up our warrior status, means we are feeling the collective ‘getting’ it. Love, B.

    • I love these videos, too. There is something with the combination of images and music that goes directly to the emotional body… enabling the release of suppressed emotions there. Personally, I am NOT in stasis, but fully operational on board The White Winds, aiding in the Planet Earth Project. Walking in two worlds… weird sometimes.

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