The Truth that Lies Outside

Violet Rays Jane

When we are relieved of the duties of self, one cares less about image, past, others opinions, future, failures, successes, and anything else we are told that must matter to us. We feel; we sense; we know of the gifts we are supplied with, but overlook the beauty within us and that which is all around us. We must wonder why this train we are all on headed to an unknown place is so concerned with making mistakes, what clothes are on our bodies, what houses we live in, what letters are after our names, and what digits are in our bank accounts. Why does this matter? How does this give life meaning? Life is now about selling ourselves. It is about making others believe what we believe, even if  it’s not the truth, not ours, not anyone’s. We do this in order to make money, to find worth, or…

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In The Beginning Was A Story

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

TwigsTNBy Raphael Awen

If a big part of your life feels boring, disengaged, blah, and nothing to write home about, then that’s what’s true to a part of you, but it’s so far from what’s true about you and your life.

Fused to this part of you, there isn’t any other truth. End of story.

However, in relationship with this part of you, where there is an emerging you differentiating from this beloved part of you, there is magical quest and journey to get to know and feel why a part of you would be closed down. Beginning of story.

This part of you has been off your conscious radar and has, in your absence, effectively taken your consciousness hostage. The words of your mouth are a dead give away. ‘I’m so bored…’ ‘I can’t figure out what’s going on.’ ‘I need some excitement’. Here, there’s no movement. There’s no…

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Reality Alterations

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


By Raphael Awen

I’ve been in an altered reality these past few weeks, particularly the past few days, and finding my writing voice seems a bit strained in the moment, so I felt to see about simply transparenting what’s going on instead.

I encountered a depth of my own psyche some months back as a Gatekeeper energy that I named Rhodes. I was doing some initial journaling with this part of me while a man with a last name of Rhodes contacted me over Messenger wanting to talk ASAP. This felt like a fitting name for this complex and largely unknown being living in me. In the days that followed, I felt a lot of upheaval inside as often hard to track surges of energy seemed to come out of the blue. It manifested in a few epic conflict points with Jelelle going back many months, and then it kind…

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James Gilliland Interview, 12.6.2017 –


James Gilliland December 6, 2017 – Interview

This is a great report, with James sharing a lot of behind the scenes info for the goings on in American justice and politics, as well as informing us a bit more about the war going on above our heads, in the skies.  Yes, the galactics are here and the Pleiadians are in charge!



Planet X – Chronicles of Planetary Liberation


Planet X – Chronicles of a Planetary Liberation

Video by Abre Solaire

Inspired by the following articles:

Music : ” Freedom Fighters ” Two Steps From Hell

Note to Readers:  This video and another one recently posted are stirring… and true in spirit to what is really going on beyond our world.  Slave colonies do exist.  The Orion Empire does exist.  They are the same negatively polarized alliance that invaded the Milky Way Galaxy during the Great Star Wars.  They entered the Galaxy and managed to gain a foothold on Rigel.  They extended their influence to the Mid-Belt star systems within the Orion Constellation.  When secure, the Belials proceeded to attempt to invade the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems.  They were driven back but at a high price.  They did succeed in gaining a foothold in our Solar System.  Even now, a intergalactic alliance is in the process of removing this canker from our world and this solar system.  

You can see the Orion Empire between the agenda of the so-called globalists.  Their influence, from 4D, is the power behind the inhuman motivations and actions of the decade’s long plans to dominate and control this world.  Your fear, confusion, and terror is food to these dark creatures.  It is time to wake up and free your world, not through violence, but sharing the Truth, awakening the indomitable divine Flame that exists within all true human beings.


Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe


Higher Density Blog


  • A disturbance of the atmosphere
  • A disturbed or agitated state
  • A heavy discharge of objects
  • A tumultuous outburst
  • paroxysm, which is a fit, attack or sudden increase or occurrence of symptoms.
So, there are a few ways to go through one of these. One is, I confess, where I began last
month. It was without preparation, and when I realized I was at its onset, I did nothing
substantial to brace or protect myself.

Perhaps it was due to my gradual awareness of the rising conditions, as I, with all the fervor
of an addict, feverishly checked my device over and over for updates and stories.
The consequence has been a repeated emotional and spiritual bashing by headline after
video, after tweet, after post. I began looking and feeling a bit raw; a bit beat up by the news.

For so long I stayed…

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Leaving The Safety Of 3D Shore To Swim In Divine Waters

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Standing on the shore of your previously anchored into 3D life, the waters of change and the unknown call to you. The waters of Divine love and embracement beckon you inward, onward, and upward. 3D parts of you have known more of the surface and its easily accessible stories. They have been schooled, bred, and taught the familiar and comfortable that remains seemingly unchangeable and unchanged.

The depths of the underneath and all the unexplored places represent the depths of YOU to still be plunged into and discovered. Your deep dives into your emotional body and Metasoul legacy invite the revelation of all sorts of wonderful ‘creatures’ that live in your shadows waiting for your light. Each dive down brings another piece of your soul’s puzzle into your awareness. Each dive down opens you up to what has previously been mysterious BEcoming known.

To begin this journey…

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