The Isles Of Your Consciousness

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The Isles Of Your ConsciousnessBy Raphael Awen

In the murky depths of our emotional bodies lie the super intelligent reasons for the way our lives look and feel the way they do.

Consciously we may feel so overdone with an imprisoned like feeling towards a circumstance or relationship in our lives, but subconsciously, a part of us is deeply attached to keeping that life configuration intact.

From our unawareness of this reality, seeking a fix and relief, we have created some of the most barbaric ‘treatments’ imaginable, yet well intentioned given the level of awareness we were operating from.

We are waking now. What once contained some answers and movement for us no longer does. We’ve changed. The world has changed.

Something new is real now that wasn’t real before. And in it all, we are realizing that we profoundly create our own reality.

Now, we are being invited to get deeply honest…

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