Energy Update: Shattering of our ‘Mirrors’


Courtesy of Ascension Energies


Anastacia Kompos – Recently I wrote and spoke of energetically our ‘mirrors’ are being ‘turned around’ and we are facing OURSELVES.

We are facing a/our mirror with ‘imperfections’ a FINALITY of facing our true core selves, deep deep within.

This is bringing up so much past trauma to be healed. And it can be very ‘brutal’ yet very necessary! No less ‘brutal’ than what we have already experienced with others!

As this is our mirror of us facing our true selves, ‘warts and all’…of no longer having others in our spaces for us to ‘blame’ or project what we are now needing to finally face.


As this is bringing up so many traumas, and for those with childhood abuse, this is very extreme or ‘full-on’ for those dear souls.

So due to this many are literally ‘breaking down’ – to break-through…to…

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