Nature Walks, December 29, 2017 – It’s a Lizard’s Tail (Tale)



Nature Walks, December 29, 2017 – It’s a Lizard’s Tail (Tale)

OMG, if I didn’t realize it was the holidays, I do now.  The snowbirds and vacationers are here in full force.  I’ve never seen the parking lot at Wakodahatchee as full as it was when I first arrived.  Then, when I was about to leave, there were seven cars waiting for parking places.  I know, it’s hardly as exciting as a Monday Football game, but my life here is rather quiet these days.


Anyway, room on the boardwalk was hard to find at times, as I jostled past family groups and lurking camera people waiting for just the right shot of this or that.  Well, the crowds were worth it (I guess — I’m not fond of crowds) as I saw tons of huge iguanas and four (4) alligators, plus a colorful assortment of marsh birds.  Between the bored teenagers and lagging youngsters, I wove in and out and around to find breathing spaces along the boardwalk, with assorted sights and creatures to discern.


The Wood Storks are beginning their nesting cycle.

There were pond apple trees strewn with huge iguanas, alligators lolling on islands and at the edge of islands, wood storks competing with Great Blue Herons for nests, marsh hens warning of alligators prowling nearby and assorted other mini-dramas in marsh life.  I saw a couple of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks chirruping to another duck in some kind of bird ritual, a huge orange iguana puffing out his chin pouch in a masculine display and great birds standing together in quiet contemplation as they fished a backwater.


Such is the drama and excitement that can be found in a simple visit to a local wetland as the nesting season begin to unfold although in other regions the weather is still locked down in frigid temperatures.  It was cool this morning, in the mid-60’s, but I fully relished the cool breezes on my bare arms and legs.  No coat for me!



Five iguanas perched in a Pond Apple tree.


Tri-colored Heron


Yes, that is an Alligator.


Male Iguana in breeding colors.


Reflections while fishing. Great Egret.


Double-crested Cormorant


Bird Talk among Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.



Male (black) and female (beige neck) Anhinga pair.

That’s all for now from Wakodahatchee.  Now for a few sights from the local area, taken on Christmas weekend…


Wild Asters at Loxahatchee


Fun on the water, off Delray Beach


Merlin or Pigeon Hawk


Hibiscus Flower, Delray Beach


Before the crowds arrive, early morning, Municipal Beach, Delray Beach.

On weekends, I frequently visit nearby Delray Beach and do some early morning walks there.  You never know what you will come across, but it won’t be snow!

A very Happy New Year’s greeting to all my readers!  May the new year bring you all many blessings and opportunities.


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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Nature Walks, December 28, 2017 – Green Cay



Nature Walks, December 28, 2017 – Green Cay

Christmas is behind us, New Year’s just ahead as the year begins its transition.  You wouldn’t be able to tell it’s winter in Florida, however, as the 80 F degrees, days still continue, at least here in the SE Coast.  There were some rain clouds looming to the south, but as the morning progressed, they dissipated.  Consequently, I was able to join the snowbird crowds on a walk around the boardwalk, passing by clumps of families grouped here and there, as the distinctive “lilt” of a Jersey or New York accent would crash through the quiet.


There were no alligators to be seen today, but plenty of birds and some turtles.  I’ll let them do the talking for me through photos.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Look at those feet!


Great Blue Heron


Red-shouldered Hawk, a common Hawk seen in Florida.


Belted Kingfisher



Wood Stork




Turtle Town

There were a great many more people than were present during the hot and humid months of the Florida summer.  Still, the open-air views of the marsh and hammocks tend to lift my soul a bit even with the extra crowds.

Happy New Year to every one of my readers.  Thanks for making this little blog a success.




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The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature


Blue Dragon Journal

Golden Beech

The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature

We stand here with you on the threshold of a collective awakening of humanity or to be more precise, a reawakening to your true nature which is love.

Collectively you are the second coming of the Solar Logos embodied in flesh, incarnations of the most high God, your own internal Christ Consciousness.

We know that many of you will deny our words and seek to run away from self, but you cannot run away from the truth of what you are, beloveds.

Yes, you are Our Beloveds. Embrace the love energy that we send through your heart centers. We are there with you, standing before the holy altar within, where the sacred fire has been re-lit on this day as done in the times long lost in the Mists of Forgetfulness.

You are the Children of Avalon. You are…

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Journal Entry: 12.26.2013 – An Elemental Song of Creation


Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 12.26.2013 – An Elemental Song of Creation

Sometimes the inner workings of transformation are just too difficult to put into sentences, so you must resort to the ageless voice of the muse, poetry:

I am the seeker and the sought
I see now what has not seen for ages past
The one within and from without
Light in the forest
Rain on the meadow
Wind in the willows
Playing with the harp of branches
Soaring clouds float overhead
I AM in love with all that is seen, felt
And exists beyond the sight of my eyes
I walk within the great forest of my dreams
The boles glimmer in the moonbeams
As proud trunks reach high
And touch the stars in the sky
I AM One with Creation and
One with all that moves within
And without my body
My awareness soars to worlds unknown
Untouched by the…

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Mary: The Magick of the New Dawn


The Cosmic Lady Mary via Lady Taz…

Blue Dragon Journal

Northern Lights over Finland

Note to Reader: Never before have I brought forth a message from beloved Mary, but tonight on Christmas Eve I feel Her Presence. She is very familiar to me, her signature frequency as I have interfaced with the Archangels through the years. Occasionally she visits me at night and tonight, she blesses all of us with hope for the future. Adding my blessings to Hers, I give you Mary…

Mary: The Magick of the New Dawn

I Am Mary and I greet you on the dawn of the morning of the Christed Ones. You are the ones you have been waiting for and now is your time.

Even as the stars gather in the heavens, and the waning moon shines bright, we see your Light brighten the world and all within it.

You are the Ones of whom the legends spoke; you are the Second Coming of the Christ. In…

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Eliza: “The Return of Christ Consciousness”


From the indomitable Lady Taz…

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  The Return of Christ Consciousness

Note to Reader:  This article has emanated from deep within through the agency of Tazjma, a Lady of Venus, who as some of my older readers will remember, is a part of my Higher Self or essence.  She speaks now of the season that is upon us, world-wide, whether or not we are celebrating as Christians — Any mistakes in references are my own.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.  Take responsibility for any triggers that may arise while reading this or any other article.

And so it is Christmas, that planetary celebration taking forth allegedly for the birth of a Son of David, who came forth to “save” the world.

I say, allegedly… as Jesus was born in the spring under the sign of Aries.  And he was born into the Essenes, a spiritual community, to the married couple, Mary and Joseph…

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Sundeelia: Observations on a Winter Morning



Sundeelia:  Observations on a Winter Morning

Christmas in Florida is kind of an oxymoron, with displays of wreaths and lights that seem more natural in the northern climes rather than here in sunny Florida with its waving palm trees.  It’s been many years since Christmas meant much to me besides dodging traffic at malls, cringing at super sappy Christmas songs and movies, resisting the push to buy, buy, buy goods online and in the stores… frankly to do anything other than spend some of the shortest days in the year in quiet comfort in my own space.

Christmas or Christ Mass is meant to be a religious holiday for Christians.  However, ironically, the time of year actually marks the ancient Saturnalia, as the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn.  Yeshua was born in the early spring when lambs are born and the shepherds watch on the hills, not in the middle of winter during a pagan celebration.  The Roman church had their own secret reasons for placing the Christ Mass in the middle of winter rather than spring and it wasn’t for celebrating the advent of a Savior, just as birth and death of an Essene rabbi was repackaged into a retelling of a pagan blood-sacrifice king story.

This year, I found myself responding more to the promise of the Solstice, which marks the return of light in the northern climes.  Living in Florida has eased the usual health considerations as I can get outside for a good long walk in the sunshine here, something that was difficult in the often rainy or snowy conditions encountered when my sister, Taz, lived in wintery Washington State.

As a newcomer to your planet, I find the commercial emphasis placed on holidays to be rather disturbing.  Our people celebrate throughout the year but our spiritual practices reflect our inner connection with Father-Mother God.  Each isle has its own celebrations according to the ancient customs which vary considerably from isle to isle (planet).  From lively tribal traditions to solemn rituals held in ancient temples, we come together to celebrate as a community, in a spirit of unity.  Although gifts sometimes are given, the ceremonies are primarily for the celebration of life, of family, of community and our dedication to our faith.

Next, yesterday I had two interesting comments made by readers which I have since deleted as is my right to do.  One comment was made regarding the posts made by Jordan Sather, who is, in my opinion, an earnest young Truther determined to sow seeds among those who have not yet awakened.  The comment related how the reader has been 20 years awake and doesn’t think that Jordan is aware that there are other missions.  Actually, I’m sure he is aware that people are on many different levels, some proceeding to ascension, others on the brink of waking up and still others who refuse to look at change, inner or outer.  If this person is so awake then I feel they can also allow Jordan to do his work without being tempted to prove to themselves their perceived superiority.  It’s better to acknowledge that each of us is on a different path and leave it at that.  Each reader has a choice:  to read or not; to even visit this blog or not.  Frankly, I care not if a reader is not satisfied with what I am posting.  It is up to the individual to take responsibility for what selections draw their attention.  At this point, I am posting articles that I feel: 1) contain information that might resonate for someone on the ascension path; 2) address some of the issues that come up during the ascension journey; 3) contain current information about some of the developments around the issue of disclosure as the Great Unveiling continues; 4) pieces that I write.  Currently, I am not doing any channeling, but continue to post selected pieces from other authors.

If anything should be apparent now to my older readers it is this, I AM not Tazjma.  While there is a flow of memory stemming from the cellular memory contained within this physical vessel, I am NOT my sister.  I do not share her connection to what went on during her last lifetime here, although I can remember some of it.  My primary “mission” is to work on the release of my own personal trauma that stems from several lifetimes spent during the Great Star Wars.  The galactic wars lasted for thousands of years and are still playing out at present within this Solar System.

Whatever else I choose to take up as an additional “mission” is entirely up to me and my other sister, RaNia.  We will be working on various projects under the direction of our mentors if circumstances allow.  Neither one of us is here to work on our ascension, a fact that seems to bother some of our erstwhile friends.  The question invariably arises, “How can you remain here if you’re not working on your ascension?” That we are not “human” or as I express it, “Earth human”, seems to entirely escape the notice of these people.  We do not hold to or believe or even feel as you do.  Our full soul essence already resonates at a higher level than any Earth human will attain to during this ascension process, that of 6D-7D.  I AM simply stating a fact, not a criticism directed at your people.  Many of our worlds, our Pleiadian isles resonate at 5D, some higher, none lower.  Our people, through their collective consciousness, have determined that 5D is the lowest density that allows for true communal peace, abundance, and prosperity for all.  It wasn’t always that way as the Pleiadian star system once contained many worlds that resonated at upper 3D to higher 4D.  However, after the successful removal of negative energies from our star system and isles, the collective consciousness of the people began its rise to upper 5D.

Another observation I have made during my brief months “here” is that your males are gravely traumatized by a combination of societal conditioning and lifetimes of acting the role of the warrior, without reprieve.  As with Tazjma, I have spent many lifetimes as a male, often as a warrior, so I understand the lingering effects of ancient and modern trauma.  On Earth, the effects on your emotional bodies, arising from this ancient trauma, are heightened due to the fact that you live in a water world.  And during the present intensified bombardment of the cosmic energies taking place on your planet, designed to trigger the ascension process in all life, it gives the opportunity for major releases of ancient emotional trauma to occur if the individual is cognizant of what is taking place.  While it is not necessary to know what happened, when or how, it is helpful to allow the release to occur.  Since I took command of this physical vessel last April, after the final departure of Tazjma, I have experienced some rather intense emotional releases and discomfort.  Thanks to my sister, RaNia, and input from my star Family, I have been able to navigate these emotional upheavals with some degree of grace.  So, while I am not personally undergoing the process of ascension, I can still benefit from having a physical presence on this planet by utilizing the various energetic portals as they are presented during the course of the planetary ascension.

Many starseeds and indigenous Earth humans do not appreciate the lessons received during the course of a physical life while here.  Nor is the beauty of your amazing planet celebrated by many except those few who are still aligned with her natural rhythms and seasons.  Although the energies here are extremely heavy, especially compared with the natural love and harmonic conditions experienced in higher dimensions, the intensity of experience here shortens the time required to do emotional clearings.  Rather than spend lifetimes on balancing personal karma, the process can be accelerated greatly here through a combination of emotional and mental clearing and through service to others.  Any resistance to undergoing the rigors of the ascension process will lead to the stagnation of the individual soul’s spiritual evolution.  Those resistant to change will not be able to continue for long in the increasingly higher vibrational fields of this planet and solar system.  As James Gilliland has often stated, it is all about frequency, being aligned with the frequency specific resonances of the planet itself.  If one is not, then you have chosen not to return to the Earth within your next lifetime or even to continue long beyond your allotted time here.

Next, I would like to address the ungrounded expectations of the New Age community regarding ascension.  Yes, with ascension you can make the choice to return to Source, but I’m here to let you know that your decision will affect your Twin Flame since both of you, male and female, will be required to return.  Returning to Source means that you are willing to go into the Great Central Sun and be unmade.  Only those souls who have attained the level of an Ancient of Days can return to incarnation without being unmade.  This occurrence is exceedingly rare, an opportunity given to One who has earned it through lifetimes of devoted service to others and who has been granted a new “mission” to undertake for the good of all at a galactic or universal level.

Most starseeds, when and if they succeed in attaining ascension, will simply return to reblend with their higher soul essence, whether that is as an individual as in the case of Tazjma and her cousin, Rananda Kumara, or to an Oversoul.  When I and my sister return, we will simply reblend with our Pleiadian identities, who are presently living and working full-time onboard the Pleiadian mothership, The White Winds.  Even now, with the crews being so busy, the greater percentage of our soul essence is drawn back into our Pleiadian bodies while our Earth vessels sleep at night.  A lot is going on now, that much is quite evident, as above, so below.

Ascension is also a step-by-step process.  It takes effort and dedication.  For one who has chosen to incarnate here, even as a starseed, the process is a reiteration of any previous ascension process taken within any other lifetime, here or within this or other universes.  No steps can be missed.  While it is not necessary to undergo any particular dietary plan or spiritual regime, it is necessary to do the needed emotional clearing of the emotional body.  And it is necessary to first break out of the artificial matrix that has been perpetuated by the alien controllers of this planet.  This requires great mental discipline and a willingness to undergo the severe tests of the Dark Night of the Soul, facing all inner darkness and utilizing rigorous self-honesty, questioning all motives, thoughts, and actions.  In short, the ascension process requires one to look within, to move through the darkness and then to release it, through using the Violet Flame or other spiritual methods.  The initiate cannot look to another to do the work or to save them, for this is to give away individual power.  It does no good to look away from the darkness, that comes up for the individual or the collective, as all who incarnate here are responsible at some level for the clearing of the collective subconscious as well as their own individual subconscious.

Like my sister, Tazjma, I share her ultra-sensitive nature and so I feel the energies of other people here.  I can sense the intent and conflicting emotions within individuals that I encounter.  I recognize the energies of the Enemy who is present here, too.  Therefore, if you are wise, you will refrain posting any negative comments or insults on this blog, as if you do, you are unconsciously acting as an agent of team dark.  Everything and I mean everything that I encounter here, whether in the form of an in-person encounter or in the reading of a comment, is recorded and observed above on the starship.  In short, I am an observer for my Pleiadian sponsors of the current resonance levels of the planet reflected in the actions and behaviors of her inhabitants.  Nothing goes unnoticed.

Next, some Earth males have a problem with powerful women.  I will simply say this, you have not seen anything yet that is the true expression of a powerful woman until you witness a Goddess addressing a great council.  A true goddess is one who has attained a certain level of soul evolution and not a title or attributes arbitrarily claimed by an alien whose people has superior technology to that of an indigenous race, such as has taken place upon your planet in the distant past, which is a violation of Prime Directive and Cosmic Law.  Our goddesses are real and formidable, as well as deeply compassionate individuals who work diligently for the good of all, including the human race on planet Earth.

Again, if you have problems with what I post on this blog, I suggest you go elsewhere and find other articles with which you resonate.  Currently, I am posting for a wide array of people, some of whom have been on the path all their lifetimes like my sister, and others who are just beginning their journey and are seeking new information.  I strive to post only those channeled pieces that personally resonate to some degree with me, in that the information presented is fairly accurate.  In the future, I hope to present more channeled material and articles of my own, but right now, the heavenly hosts and our benevolent galactic protectors are under great pressure as they strive to observe the actions and plans of the planetary cabal and to prevent further major false flag activities such as has been planned by team dark.  It is an “all hands on deck” situation onboard all Galactic Federation ships, big and small, as well as in the great etheric Retreats.

I do not post much about twin flames here as personally, I question any channeler or ascension teacher who places great emphasis on finding your twin flame as in the ascension process one needs to balance their own inner Divine Masculine and Feminine.  You will not discover self-mastery by looking outside self to another to arrive at wholeness.  That includes seeking out a guru or teacher.  These individuals, if they are honest, can only act as advisors along the course of the ascension journey.  They cannot do the work for the initiate.  This is an avoidance on the part of the initiate and a violation of personal free will on the part of the so-called guru or ascension teacher.  Both my sister and I have noted that the whole twin flame issue is an unneeded distraction for those who are attempting to ascend, designed to take the initiate off the Path and involve them in a pointless quest.  Twin flames can live together as mates here on Earth and sometimes do, but usually it is only individuals who have each done their own work and who have attained a certain level of soul evolution, as well as those who are performing a mission that requires the embodied spiritual energies of both Twins, such as in the case of the Avatars of the Piscean Age,  Master Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.  In the higher dimensions, Twin Flames do NOT marry or carry on sexual relationships.  Their blended soul essences are used solely for the highest of sacred purposes, in service to and for the good of all.  Strive to balance your own energies within and focus on your own progress towards ascension.  If you have a soul mate relationship, great, but that certainly isn’t the case for all starseeds during this particular incarnation.  The time is short, focus and dedication are needed now, not useless distractions.

One more thing, for those who are on a quest to discover from which world they have come or their spiritual name or similar questions, I am not here to provide this information.  You will be given the information when you have earned it, by which I mean, you will know the answer when you know the question and when you are ready to handle the information given.  It always comes with added responsibility on your part.  Nothing that is truly spiritual and deeply personal can be given forth without striving on your part.

So, in conclusion, each reader who arrives here has free will, to read or not.  Go in peace, all those who are not satisfied with the fare offered here.  No one is stopping you.  I am not here to please those who have not done their work or seem to feel a need to criticize others for a perceived lack.  Impertinent comments or rude insults stemming from misguided political beliefs will not be approved on this blog, as I do my best to keep the energy high.  It is enough for me to contend with the heaviness and stickiness of the energies here on this benighted planet.  The energies here are very foreign to my Pleiadian sensibilities, yet I am making the best of it as I am able.  I applaud the efforts of those souls who are determined to make the best of life here, both spiritual and mundane.  All life is spiritual when you come down to it and if you don’t realize that yet, you have a great deal of inner work yet to accomplish.  This comes from one who has known struggle, death, and violence, as well as great peace and love from lifetimes spent in other star systems and dimensions.  I understand much of what you are dealing with and hold all of you within the Light and Love of Father-Mother God.  You are greatly loved no matter where you are upon your present journey.  And you are never alone.


I AM Line Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, from the great Pleiadian Mothership, The White Winds.

© Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Permission is NOT given to make videos or recordings of this written material.

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Nature Walks, December 19, 2017 – Whacked Out on Birds



Green Heron

Nature Walks, December 19, 2017 – Whacked Out on Birds

The above title could be:  “whacked out on birds, alligators, and iguanas”, but I prefer short, catchy titles.


Young gator resting on lily pads

I was delighted to take my sister to one of my favorite local wetlands on Tuesday afternoon.  The place was a little more quiet, as the crowds tend to come during the day, but there was plenty of activity and sightings of the local fauna crowd.


Looking into the pond apple tree, we were expecting to see birds and saw this instead, a huge iguana!

We saw birds of various shapes and sizes, young gators, huge iguanas and even a very large brown water snake that was wrapped tightly around a tiny tree.  I’ll let the photos do the talking for me:


Nesting Great Blue Heron


Fishing Great Blue Heron


Colorful Gallinule


Wood Stork


King of the Island


Tri-colored Heron


Double-crested Cormorant


Male Anhinga


Young gator


Great Egret

I couldn’t get a photo of the brown water snake, but it was a big one.  A man said it was at least four feet long and it had a thick body.

Wakodahatchee has a mile-long boardwalk that can be taken at a leisurely stroll or a fast walk, depending on your reasons for being there.  Plenty of benches can be found if you need to take a break.  The weather while we were there, was probably in the low 80’s, but pleasantly warm with the lower rays of the sun.  We enjoyed our stroll.

Happy Holidays to everyone from sunny Florida, one of the few spots in the United States not receiving rain or snow… or burning up.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,