Eliza: Admonishment

Blue Dragon Journal

Eliza: Admonishment

Recently, I was admonished by one of my readers in the following manner. (Note, the text has been slightly edited; the intent of the content is intact.)

“Sounds like you’re way ahead of me too, so be patient. As you know, everyone awakens at a different time and rate. Please take that into account.

If you are going to post your channeled messages you must assume a varied reaction. I’ve been dealing with peoples’ reactions to non-orthodox truths for over thirty years. Most people range from indifference to opposition. Only a few really “get it,” i.e., those who are awakening. The surge in energy from the universe and the galactic centre is changing that at an exponential rate, but it is still at the low end of the curve. I am trying to take that into account in order to be patient with a population influenced by empirical…

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