The Marquis de LaFayette: An Open Letter to the People of France

France is waking up… may this Voice from the past assist Her.

Blue Dragon Journal

DSCN0404 “Unfoldment”

Le Marquis de La Fayette: An Open Letter to the Citizens of France

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This morning I woke up and felt a message being formed within my awareness, the now familiar “feel” of a channeled piece taking form. Surprisingly the source was / is from one of my parallel lifetimes, as the military genius and one of the early proponents of a French Republic before that country fell into the dark and bloody years of the Terror. In this lifetime, I have not been able to learn French and I have never set foot upon the sacred soil of that ancient nation. Someday I hope to visit, but sadly, in light of the current situation there, I have chosen to postpone my visit for now.

Still, through the power of the Internet, I hope these humble words which have come from the heart of…

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