Journal Entry – More Bulow

From a year ago, but still a good memory…

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 11.21.2016 – More Bulow

This afternoon when I turned on the laptop, the time was “12:12” and that’s kind of the day I’ve been having… wowser!

After spending several hours painting yesterday, I decided to go on a series of short walks this morning to celebrate the chilly air that has settled into Florida for a couple of days (it’s forecast to get warmer by the end of the week, into the upper 70’s, still pleasant).  After a summer of sweating in t-shirts and shorts, it was actually pleasant to need a sweat shirt to start out the day.


I drove to the Walter Boardman Lane trail head for Bulow Woods Trail, going first to the overlook at Boardman Pond.  The last time I was there I was partially eaten up by ferocious mosquitoes.  Today — no bugs at all!  And lots of birds.  The pond is a…

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