Nature Walks – Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve


Nature Walks – Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve

The temperatures continue to fall in Florida making it a very pleasant place in which to spend autumn.  Today the sky was filled with an assortment of gray and white clouds, but nothing too threatening as I made my way through the heavy commute traffic to nearby Loxahatchee.  I showed my Golden Eagle Pass to the guard and pulled on through to the Marsh Walk parking lot and then started my walk.  No birds… or rather few birds were out.  I think they were hiding in the reeds!  I did see the typical marsh hens and coots, some anhingas, a few Tri-colored herons, a couple of egrets faraway and black buzzards gliding overhead in the light thermals.


I walked and took some photos, mostly of marsh flowers, some Limpkins, and a turtle.  The turtle appeared to be laying eggs, so after observing her for a moment, I left her in peace.

And oh, yes… there were some real hard-core bird watchers looking for a Vermillion Flycatcher.  I saw the bird perched high up on an old snag, but well out of range for my inexpensive 34X zoom.  It had some orange or red on it and was very small.  All that excitement over a little bird.  I love birds and other animals, but I’m not obsessive about it.  I mainly walk in the wetland areas as they are nearly the only open space around here except for busy and sometimes dirty county parks.  I liked the parks and beaches in Flagler County much better.


What am I?

Another issue today — my camera was acting up, blurring many of the exposures.  I did manage to get a few shots but over half of what I attempted to take, failed.  Still, it was a nice long walk in the Florida sunshine, with gentle breezes tugging at my hat.









That’s a selection of my better photos from today.  Enjoy your weekend.



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