Understanding Why You May Settle, Shrink And Stay Safe: Connecting With Your Inner Protector

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
That which you settle for is that which you will draw MORE of. When parts of you settle, you are telling the Universe that what you currently have and are experiencing is enough for you. Even if another part of you (your higher self coming into your consciousness) feels desires and passions for more…more love, more intimacy, more fulfillment, more soul passion expression…..if you are settling in ANY area of life for less than that, you will draw more of it until all parts of you are truly done with less and lack.
This can be confusing to navigate until you can acknowledge that there are different parts of you that want different things, have mixed feelings and resistances, and are in often direct polarity to each other. To just say that ‘you’ want something and have a desire for more is actually only half of…

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