The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light ~ Nov. 14, 2017


Here it is this Pleiadian video “one more time” for you (I think I’ve posted this before). This video is a Pleiadian message urging humanity to “Wake Up’ and know the truth about our existence. Our lives are NOT what they seem and the truth of our lives here on Earth is so very close to BEing revealed!

Please watch this video, stay tuned to truth, and…


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3 thoughts on “The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light ~ Nov. 14, 2017

    • Yes. The ideal is Unity in Diversity. Keep doing your research and keep an open mind. There is a great deal of suppressed history of which most humans are not yet aware, namely the ones who regard themselves as the global “elite” believe that they are not of the Earth human race, but descendants of the Annunaki. Their long-term plans have been directed at the destruction of 90% of Earth’s population, while retaining the 10% for servants and/or slaves. If you are not yet aware of this history, you need to up your studies as it is vital to understand the underlying, seemingly pathological antics which the elite have been playing out even more intensely in the last couple of decades. The plan is written on the Georgia Stones for all to see. What has been intended is disturbing but is now being curtailed and reined in due to the combined efforts of the Alliance and Resistance forces, on earth and in your skies. The Light has “won”, but it will take months and years to actually see the results manifest in daily life. Meanwhile, strive to hold your light high, ask questions, read books and blog articles, listen to the alternative news sources and follow your inner guidance. I could write an entire article or even a book on this subject, but this isn’t the place. Go with Father/Mother God and the wind in your sails. “Sunny” VaCoupe

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