Lord Sananda Kumara: A Message of Love

Channeled by Tazjma Amariah Kumara…

Blue Dragon Journal

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Dear Readers:  Another message came through, from beloved Lord Sananda Kumara.  The blessings are truly flowing for me today… and for all who read His compassionate, tender words.

Lord Sananda Kumara: A Message of Love

Greetings, I AM Sananda, the higher self of the one whom your world has known as Yeshua ben Joshua, a Rabbi and teacher in the days of Rome.

And I am a Cousin in the higher worlds to the one whom some of you regard as a Messenger and Scribe, our dearly beloved Eliza. Her Higher Self is truly my Cousin and a member of the same Kumara Family, from Venus.

While this one has spent some lives devoted to spirituality, often seeking severe poverty and denial to “prove” to herself of her devotion to Spirit, this time Eliza sought to find balance within her. She wanted to live in the world but not of…

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