Lady Nada: A Message of Love

Blue Dragon Journal

Lady Nada

Dear Readers:  This was an unexpected message that came forth today, from beloved Lady Nada… whose Presence even now lingers within my heart and being.  She comes with words of comfort and encouragement, for me and others.  I am touched beyond the ability of words to express… Her Love for each of us is very, very real.

Lady Nada

Are you here, Lady Nada?


I am Lady Nada, Twin Flame of Lord Sananda, and Chohan of the Sixth Ray (ruby red / gold) of Devotion. I am here today at the invitation of the Higher Self of our messenger, Eliza, who is still learning to trust and have faith that she is headed in the “right” direction for the successful completion of her mission here.

The main focus of her mission here has, indeed, finished, although this one shard from the incandescent flame of Lady Faith via Lady…

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