Mother Gaia ~ The Light Encodements From Sol ~ Nov. 12, 2017



By galaxygirl

Children, it is I, Gaia.

Breathe deeply with me here, in this Now moment, that we may experience a unifying expression of peace and centering. Turmoil is not for you, children. You always have the choice to rise above that which is potentially irritating. It need not ruffle your feathers unless you allow it to do so. Seek the thrill that comes with discovering you may carry inner peace with you wherever you are, in whatever situation you may find yourself in. This is what Master Jesus taught and lived by example. Oh of course, no one does this all the time, but with practice and intention it is possible to have your energy signature be that of deep peace and inner knowing.

We are all connected. When one hurts, all hurt. When one has triumphs, all celebrate. This is the reality that is emerging from the…

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