Cleansing with Master Saint Germain and the Sacred Geometry of Metatrons Cube – Nov 12 2017 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Corrections to this “channel”: St. Germain is the MAHA Chohan of ALL rays; Lady Portia is the Chohan of the 7th Ray; Lady Quan Yin is the LADY of the World; Lady Pallas Athena is the Goddess of TRUTH and Justice.  She is also on the Green Ray. The sacred Trinity is the Three-fold Flame of Blue, Yellow/Gold, and Pink = Strength/Will/Power (masculine); Yellow/Gold (Illumination – Christ Child) and Unconditional Love (feminine). The combination of Blue and Pink brings you the Violet Ray, Transmutation and Transformation. In transmuting your personal misaligned energies you allow for the clearing of your four lower bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) which in turn allows for the coming forth of Christ Consciousness, the Gold Ray. Unfortunately many in the New Age have not kept up with the changes in the Offices of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet as She goes forth through the Ascension Process.

Higher Density Blog

Violet Flame 33

Dear Friends,
the last two month have collectively been experienced as very heated and intensively transforming, under the impact of the fiery Leo energy field. A field of

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