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Courtesy of Energetic Synthesis

November 2017

Implanted Thoughts

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Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

When we have a better comprehension of how Implanted Thoughts and mind control implants are used, we can better discern the agenda and refuse to participate with it.  If someone set out to design a society that drives people to worship self-destruction, self-absorption, and materialism while driving them to escape the inner emptiness through self-medicating and addiction, you’d have the general blueprint of mind control that is used in our society. Essentially, this is about blocking perception of reality by jamming neurological receivers and hijacking the brain so that the masses cannot decode or perceive what is really going on. Many of us can feel the pressure to create soul disconnection and AI assimilation in the masses, has been turned up. The antidote to mind control…

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James Gilliland: As You Wish Talk Radio, November 4, 2017

Forever Unlimited

James Gilliland: As You Wish Talk Radio, November 4, 2017

James Gilliand is usually more of an Exopolitics guy than a Geopolitics guy. However, here he presents an important message, so even if you don’t agree with what he is saying at first, please read the full transcript (excerpted from the audio), or better yet, listen to the full show in order to understand his point, and not misconstrue his intent due to his outspoken, self-described “Politically Incorrect” delivery.  There are call-in questions at the end, including a fascinating discussion with another radio show host, and others. On the source page of the transcript, there are also some meditations I did not include here. Like KP, I don’t care for the use of name-calling nicknames for major players, whether we like them or not, but do not let that deter you from hearing the larger message. If we look deeper…

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Your power in a decaying world

Open mind, open heart… balance in all things.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Your power in a decaying world

By Jon Rappoport

These are notes I made prior to preparing my three Matrix collections:

“Solutions to private problems and public problems require the ability to think things through, logically, and to reject what is unworkable or biased—but above and beyond that, a person needs to be able to imagine solutions that haven’t been tried before.”

“Propaganda says: defect from your own power. Never find out what it is. Assume it isn’t there. Propaganda says: all life is about the species, not about the individual.”

“When propagandists find a good thing, a message that works, they pound on it, they keep hammering away. Family, group, family, group, community. On and on. They never promote the message called The Individual with the same intensity. That would be counter-productive to what they are trying to accomplish: group identity; and amnesia about being an individual.”

“Civilization continues…

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Write About Your Thoughts and Feelings

Archangels and Devas Blog

Archangel Michael channeled readings

Beloved, this message comes forth for you today as guidance for you to share your inner wisdom with others as they will benefit from what you have learned from the experiences you have been through, and the wisdom you have gleaned from your Spiritual Teachers and Master Guides on the other side of the Veil.
Sharing your wisdom is sharing your love Dear One and this creates a healing effect in all who are touched by your words. The outpouring of your love also creates a healing effect within yourself.
Write with love, from deep within the deep fountain of love within your Heart. Sharing of your wisdom in this way removes barriers and allows the positive flow of love back into your Heart space and lifestream.
This positive energy has a reverberating effect in every part of your life. Where love goes, blessings flow!
Let the love flow Beloved!

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Cosmic Mother-Father Codes – 11-11-17

Higher Density Blog


An Impostor is defined as any Entity or human being that is saying words or expressions, or making representations that it does not embody, nor comprehend, nor behave or act in accordance with. A person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.

An Imposter Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its personal agenda. These belief systems are the basis which forms the Negative Ego and was manifested out of the predator mind of the Orion Group.

This Imposter Spirit energy was inserted and imprinted as our False Parent, and the spiritual betrayal we have experienced in our heart and soul due to this fact has been crushing for many. Because of the…

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Higher Density Blog


Due to our technological connectedness, now more than ever before people are feeling the heavy weight of severe cataclysmic and tragic events, affecting millions of people around the world, with only the promise of greater turmoil to come.

It’s easy in this environment to slip into overwhelm, despair, anxiety and depression, which only makes things worse. It’s imperative to focus on self-care and personal spiritual cultivation in order to endure and protect ourselves from the negativity which confronts us.

The truth of the matter is, however, that while we may feel like these are especially dark times, throughout human history people have always had to live through untold suffering at the hands of both man and nature. While we may feel exceptionally challenged right now, we have a long human story to fall back on for guidance and comfort.

This comfort can be found in a…

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HILARION – Humanity’s Resurection – 1-11-17 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame – via Jahn Kassl

Higher Density Blog



Hilarion: Humanity’s Resurrection
Before ascension, the resurrection of mankind will take place, and before you will complete this journey, you will resurrect in this world.

I am MASTER HILARION – resurrected living human consciousness that is one with God. I am amongst you – now and forever!

Beloved humans,

you can see how the world is changing, and you can see how you yourself are changing. The emergence from the cocoon is happening right there in your everyday life. You are amazed by it – and sometimes melancholic. In the midst of these challenging times you are confronted with yourself, and it isn’t always easy or simple to keep perspective and persevere. But yet you accomplish a lot, yet you achieve great things, and yet the power of your love is increasing by the day.

Now that in some places so much anger, jealousy and hatred is unloaded…

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Riding on the Wide Waves of the Ocean | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

What would you like to speak out about today or delve into or forget about? Where would you like to start, and where would you like to wind up?

You may not want to wind up ever. You may just keep turning and winding around the imagined world you live and love in that seemingly revolves outside you for all the world to see, yet when does the world ever really see you?

By now, you know there is no world outside. There certainly seems to be a world outside, yet all is within. The world is all how you see it and say and express and live it.

Life is a movie you go to. You may think it’s the best movie you ever saw whereas your companion may say: “Ho hum, what a slow-moving movie this one is.”

Therefore, you take the curtains that surround you…

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