The 11~11 Gateway ~ Resurrection Spiral ~ Nov. 8, 2017


By Meg Benedicte, 11/08/2017

As we gain proximity to the Galactic Center, exact on the 12:21 Solstice, we move into position with the black hole portal to the Great Central Sun, the source origin of our universe. This is where stars are being birthed! While the 11:11 – 12:21 Gateway is active, you have the golden opportunity to birth alive your ascension life!

The Galactic Photonic Belt is accelerating all resolution of karma, by exposing all in the golden light of purification. All hidden shadow will be revealed within the glaring truth of illumination, to be acknowledged and transcended, so only Divine essence will exist eternally. The ascension process enables the Soul’s liberation from the recurring cycle of karma and reincarnation; breaking free of the karmic trap of separation.

‘A truly advanced civilization will not be classified on the basis of the physical energy it harnesses, but rather…

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