Denise LeFay, HighHeartLife – No Energies Left in Old Codes

Denise hits the nail on the head with this new article, especially with her comments about false light teachers and those who steal other authors work so they can make money off of it!  I had that done to some of my early channelings and even Journal Entries.  I HATE those AI voice videos.  So creepy and lifeless!  Use discernment, folks, the old energies are gone, done and parasites of any variety are NO longer supported.

Some readers were talking in Comments under another article, about how “dead” most everything of the old lower patriarchal Earth world feels to them. The reason for this is because those Source created old Cycle energy codes fully expired December 21, 2012, and along with them all the Team Dark (TD negative aliens and different entities […]

via No Energies Left in the Old Codes — HighHeartLife

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