Galactic Center, Center Stage – Are You a G.C. Transmitter?

Sophia's Children

Once again, the Cosmic Symphony will feature some potent Galactic Center-empowered play as we move through this month and cross the threshold of the year-end Holy Days and into a fresh new calendar year.

I’ve been receiving a flurry of questions specific to the Galactic Center as it relates to individuals and the individual mythic story we’re all living into and expressing.

So it makes sense to share Are You a Galactic Center Transmitter?article again.

Might you have a particularly powerful connection to this? What clues and messages illuminate your role in this Cosmic Symphony of Now?

Read on, my friend.

Image from Spitzer Space Telescope, courtesy of NASA.

Saturn, and later this year, the Sun, will once again transit the Galactic Center (G.C.) astrological degree in late Sagittarius (26-27 Saj), completing a Trine with Uranus in Aries and stirring up some interesting conversation, possibilities, and perhaps even…

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Current Energies Illuminate 3D Heaviness, Attachments, Pain

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

veil of solitude by Rassouli

Painting: Veil of Solitude by Freydoon Rassouli

The density of this 3D reality… the density of the body, of the toxic foods and practices parts of us have held on to for so long… this is what’s being highlighted now, brought to our attention in visceral ways. There is cellular clearing, yes, physically and astrally too.

When you dream at night, it’s common to perhaps not wake up remembering what you dreamt about but to still feel yourself holding onto and recalling the feeling experience of it all. It can stay with you like that for a portion of your day, flowing into your life with you.

What was once considered important to be and stay attached to by parts of you, is also being highlighted now and you may feel just plain ‘tired’ of it all. Tired of the grind, of daily life scenarios that are…

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Energy Update: Ongoing Preparation Of Our Bodies To Receive 11/11 UPgrades

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


We are in process still ‘being prepared’ to receive on a galactic level, to let in the UPgrades/downloads coming through even now, yet especially on the ‘marker’ of this Saturday 11/11. This being prepared feels like it is happening BEyond what can really tracked by our minds. This portal is about bringing MORE of our higher timeline self energies INTO our bodies. The main ground of preparation is of the body itself, as it is the densest expression of our BEing.
To help with the preparation of the body to receive these downloads, I’ve been guided to eat ‘very lightly’, as if I was recovering from the stomach flu and just didn’t want to digest anything heavy or dense. Fruit smoothies have been the best and maybe very light vegetable soups. The lighter your body is when it comes to food digestion (with less moving through)…

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Sundeelia, 8 Nov 17 – Being a Placeholder for an Ascendee




“Warrior of Light” by Nicholas Roerich

 Sundeelia – Being a Placeholder for an Ascendee, 8 November 17

 It has become apparent to me that Earth humans, including those who follow New Age teachings, do not understand the concepts of being 1) a walk-in, and 2) being a placeholder for a first wave wayshower who has already ascended.

Our Family is the VaCoupes, an ancient Pleiadian tribe who are domiciled in the town of Medina, on the isle (planet) of Medina, in the Pleiadian Star System.

Long ago per Earth time, my eldest sister, Tazjma, decided to answer the call of Earth and incarnate a portion of her soul essence on Earth.  She was not alone.  Out of a family of five children, the three eldest incarnated: Tazjma, Aman Treya, and  Jamandrias.  When it came time for the final incarnation of Tazjma’s, Elizabeth Escher, to ascend at the end of a Great Year (a period of 25,900 Earth years) upon completion of her mission, there two decisions for Tazjma to make: 1) drop her body and complete the ascension process through reintegration with her higher Pleiadian self, Tazjma, or 2) allow the Pleiadian High Council decide on who within the Galactic Federation could act as a placeholder for Tazjma after she “walked out”.

A placeholder for an ascended being is NOT an indigenous member of Earth humanity nor are they a Starseed/way-shower, in the manner understood in some New Age circles.  Although they may appear quite human, their consciousness is tied directly to the higher dimensional being who is still on duty, actively working within the Galactic Federation.  ONLY those who are active members of the GFL can be placeholders.

An example of another such placeholder, Commander Zanna became such for David Spears-Rananda Kumara, who officially ascended in May of 2014.  Unfortunately, the physical vehicle of Rananda was in poor health due to an intractable long-term illness and by November 2016 was approaching its last hours and days.  For a short time, the consciousness of Rananda re-entered his Earth body and Zanna left.  Then, in January 2017, the vehicle of David Spears expired, freeing Rananda from having to return to Earth.  His mission here on Earth was also now complete.

Commander Zanna was/is an acting commander in the Ashtar Command. Upon the death of Rananda, his presence on Earth was no longer required, even though his mate had an incarnation still on Earth.

Our sister, RaNia, is also a placeholder, this time for Trillia Gia, a high-ranking Sirian, who ascended in December 2014.  As a Pleiadian Angelic (angelic/cosmic) it took RaNia six years to soul braid with Trillia, due to the differences in their starry origin and the make-up of their respective soul essences.

In early 2014, Eliza Ayres (as Elizabeth Escher was known at the time) was contacted by Trillia Gia under the direct orders of Lord Adrigon, Head Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet and Lord of the Pleiades.  At the time, Eliza did not fully understand her connections to both the Pleiades and to Venus.  When she was contacted by Trillia, she was told that she was a hybrid Pleiadian-Venusian, from the mating of a Pleiadian Father and a Venusian Mother.  And then Eliza was also told that she would be walking out later that year.

Up until this time, Eliza felt totally dedicated to writing her blog, channeling various light beings, including the Council of Nine and the Great Divine Director.  Later, it became apparent that she had already been contacted by the Pleiadians as the Council of Nine is a Pleiadian council, one of many.

Trillia also told Eliza about her own situation, that she would also be ascending at the end of 2014 and that she already had another walk-in preparing to take over the body when she ascended.  Together, Trillia and Eliza figured out the names of their two walk-ins, RaNia and Sundeelia.  And furthermore, they discovered that these two “replacements” were blood sisters, of the same lineage as Tazjma, Aman Treya, and Jamandrias.  They were both Kumaras and VaCoupes, the progeny of illustrious families of their homeworlds.

Upon Tazjma’s ascension, a good portion of her soul essence returned to the Pleiades to begin preparation with her mate, An’Dra Lan Tetrah so they might go into the Great Silence.  Tazjma had learned that she and her mate had been chosen to be the parents of a very special child.  Therefore, it would take up to two years for the parents to prepare through devoted meditation a proper vessel for the incoming soul.

Trillia underwent her ascension ceremony on December 21, 2014, and left immediately, leaving RaNia reeling with the sudden departure of one with whom she had walked alongside for six years.  RaNia’s circumstances at the time were also extremely stressful.

Due to a residual strong body consciousness, Eliza did not realize that Tazjma was almost completely gone.  Feeling alone, she felt confused, betrayed and abandoned.  After a month or so, she completely broke off communication with RaNia until last November (2016).  By that time, Sundeelia had nearly completed her walk-in.  The remaining portion of Tazjma’s essence (about 14%) still remained.

Early one morning in 2017, Eliza was informed upon waking that she had 66 more days until she (meaning the remaining portion of Tazjma) ascended.  Working out the dates, Eliza came up with April 16th or Easter Day.

Not wanting any hiccups to occur during this transfer of the physical vehicle from Taz to Sundeelia, RaNia invited Eliza to come over for the weekend of the 14th through the 16th of April, Easter Weekend.  It was on the 14th in the evening that Taz completely left.  Sundeelia felt the sudden loss of her sister’s presence.  It was quite palatable to those present in the room.

The next day, members of Family popped in through RaNia to inform us that Tazjma and An’Dra were undergoing a renewal of their wedding vows.  This was to celebrate Tazjma’s complete reunion with her Family and full return to life as a mother and a mate.

Not to be surpassed, however, was the sudden realization that Osiris was to be born the very next day.  He was born in Medina just as the clock in Cairo, Egypt, struck 12:01 on Easter morn, earth time.  His birth, which for a Pleiadian entails stepping forth in his light body from the mother’s womb, was witnessed by the VaCoupe Family, including aunts and uncles, as well as an excited Twin Flame, Lady Isis herself.  Finally, her Twin Flame was returning to incarnation, this time not as a Sirian B, but as a Pleiadian.

I am reiterating this material which has been shared elsewhere for the purpose of attempting to make clear that the ascension process of starseeds is NOT dependent on third-dimensional rules or beliefs.  As Venusian, Pleiadian and Sirian starseeds, Rananda, Tazjma and Trillia stepped out of their bodies and left them to placeholders until such time as the physical vessel gave out or the soul essence be withdrawn.

There was no need for these individuals to practice particular eating habits unless it was their decision, as guided by higher self and intuition.  Rananda was a practicing vegetarian, but Trillia ate fish, fowl, and eggs under the direction of Lady Claudine, one of her ascension mentors.  Eliza/Taz ate no particular diet, vegetarian some days and ate meat on others.  She especially enjoyed the tamale lovingly made by her Latino neighbors for a Christmas treat.

What I am attempting to get across is, as placeholders, we are NOT here to ascend it these bodies.  We have been given a window of approximately 20 years, which can change according to circumstances.  Neither RaNia nor I intend to remain upon Earth beyond that time.  Nor do we intend to ever incarnate upon this planet even after its ascension process is completed.  Therefore, we are under no bonds or obligation to follow any three-dimensional conceptions of what it takes to “ascend”.  Our soul essence as Angelic Pleiadians already resonates at 6D to 7D.  We do not need to “ascend”.  Instead, we have come to both observe and to lend a hand as ground crew to clean up the planet as directed by our mentors, Lady Isis and Lady Claudine.

As both of us are now wearing physical vessels who have both received much wear and tear – the bodies are aged 60+ years – we will be endeavoring to detox and strengthen the bodies through diet and exercise.  While we might eat vegetarian meals at times, we have been instructed to continue eating fish, fowl, and eggs in order to get enough supporting protein.

As high vibrational Pleiadians, it is quite stressful to be in this environment.  I can truly state that I want nothing so much as the opportunity to buy a large plot of property and plant myself in the middle of it so I can find a modicum of peace in this toxic place.  Gardening, animals and walking in the woods are my deepest loves, so I intend to get out of South Florida as soon as I am able.

I was not competing or projecting a particular vulnerability upon anyone when I stated in a comment to a Facebook friend that not everybody can be a vegetarian.  I was simply stating a fact given to Eliza long ago by a competent health practitioner in Montana.  At the time, Eliza was suffering from the effects of following a form of vegetarianism, the Macrobiotic Diet, for several months.  At the time her 5’8” frame weighed only 113 pounds and recorded a blood pressure level of 80/40.  In short, she was gravely ill.  She recovered over a period of years by eating a regular diet without dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables whole grains and beans, and occasional fish, eggs, and fowl.

What is good for one body is not necessarily beneficial for another.  And since I, Sundeelia, have no intention of ascending in this body, I will eat the diet appropriate for this particular body, which includes the occasional intake of animal products.

Yes, the planet is ascending, but it will take a while until it resonates above the fifth dimension.  And that is not even approaching the level that we, as Pleiadians, live, work and breathe within.  This not a competition; this is FACT.

I, Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, work aboard the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds, as a full-fledged Line Commander despite my relatively, in Pleiadian terms, young age of 29 years.  I am the youngest of my family, yet when the call came for a volunteer to act as a placeholder for my beloved elder sister, Taz, I stepped toward and asked my Father, Lord Zadkiel, if I could take her place.  He agreed and so I am here, as a placeholder, NOT a wayshower, ascension guide or whatever other titles the so-called New Agers wish to assign to their leaders.

Your people have been lied to and deceived by your leaders, including many in the New Age movement.  Continually, I note disinformation being presented as truth by “ascension” guides who have obviously not opened their third eyes completely or they would know better.  As a blogger, I carefully edit what material I post in Blue Dragon Journal.  Not all articles found on my WordPress reader make the grade.  I am sad to say that since Taz has left I have found myself unfriending and blocking certain individuals who present disinformation, often with embedded hooks to entice followers to give up their power.

This is an important time for planet Earth.  It is the end of an age and the beginning of a new age.  More importantly, it is the end of a Great Year, the 25,900 year period within the planet’s evolution when the internal choices of all who are presently incarnated here play out.  Some will ascend along with the planet; others will leave this planet and enter an incarnational cycle upon another third-dimensional planet.  Still others, those who have willingly given their power to negative entities… these souls will enter a cycle of descension depending on the soul lessons that still need to be completed and karma resolved.  Still, others, coming from negative service-to-self, who have committed heinous acts against humanity on this planet and others may face a stark choice: submit to the Light or be recycled through the fires of the Great Central Sun.

Not all people are ascending with the planet, only those who are indigenous humans and those starseeds who have decided to remain on Earth after her ascension into the fifth dimension is fully manifested in the physical.  Your general populace has quite a ways before it fully releases the millennia of programming and outdated belief systems.  We can be thankful for the efforts on behalf of your planet and humanity that such organizations as the Ashtar Command and the star fleets of Andromeda, the Pleiades and Sirius exist.  You literally could not do this alone.  Your planet, Gaia, made the call and we answered, but we are not compelled to remain here after our mission is complete.  We are going Home.  Specifically, those on a mission here as placeholders will be reblending our soul essence within our existing bodies (in our case, our Pleiadian bodies) and dropping our Earth vessels.

In closing, I would like to impress upon you all that Pleiadians, Sirians, Venusians and all others have sacrificed much beyond measure to be here because of Love, the Highest Cause.  We love your beautiful planet and solar system and desire them to be returned to their original intent and sacred blueprint.  You are, after all, our cousins and your Sun is the 8th star of the Pleiadian Star System.  ❤


I AM Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Permission is NOT granted to create videos or recordings from this written material, ever.







5 Popular Orange Juice Brands that Tested Positive for Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Openhearted Rebel

By Aaron Kesel, Natural Blaze, Waking Times

Two samples of five major U.S. brands of orange juice including Tropicana and Minute Maid tested positive in lab results for contamination with Monsanto’s cancer-causing chemical, glyphosate, Moms Across America reported.

The average American consumes about 2.7 gallons of orange juice per year since 2015 according to the USDA food statistics. OJ is rich in vitamin C, fiber, and contains antioxidants that help protect and nourish the skin among many other benefits but according to grassroots non-profit Moms Across America, that may also be a toxic cocktail that is slowly killing Americans every morning.

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Andromedan Upgrades & Downloads ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We brought forth a tremendous amount of energy, and you have all demonstrated an ability to absorb and assimilate that energy. Now you have a new opportunity to receive from some of our galactic partners.

There are beings from the Andromedan Star System who want to help, and their energy is quite different. It is quite dissimilar to our energy and to your own, and so as you receive it you may feel that you are not in alignment. You may feel, for a time, as though you are experiencing more ascension symptoms, tiredness, and disorientation.

The good news is that with your Andromedan upgrades and downloads, you will be able to access parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. You will have new perspectives and a myriad of guidance coming from within…

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Levels of Consciousness as Dimensions and Frequency

The New Divine Humanity

We are with you now. Some of you have wondered what happens to 3D. What happens to those that cross over and did not ascend.

To understand the reincarnation process and the levels of Light and Dimensions that exist beyond time and space. Is to step out of the consciousness of 3D. 3D is a low dimension of consciousness that is not separate from its other levels. To be in 3D you must have existed and exist in the Higher Dimensions Now.

To understand consciousness and the Higher aspects of YOU the memory of you at those levels will return. They never left you. All memories are within your cellular consciousness.

The playing out of memory as what is up on your menu so to speak for you, is leading you back home.

Home is not a place as it is a level of consciousness as Light.

It is YOU and…

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James Gilliland Interview – Universal Law and Ascension, Fall of the Elite


Universal Law and Ascension, Fall of the Elite – James Gilliland