The GoldFish Report No. 152 – Week 42 POTUS Report w/ Dr. Jim Fetzer: The Storm is Here!

The GoldFish Report Blog

Published on Nov 6, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 152. Jim and Louisa dive right into the YUGE news of Saudi Royalty arrests and that of Tony Podesta’s and the connection between them, in addition to the indictments of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton,. Jim shares proof of John Podesta’s arrest and blows open the false flags in New York City and Texas as the distraction for the sheep from these high level government arrests. Jim shares a video of the entire church service where it appears that nothing at all happened during services, as per video that is quickly shared. Jim also reveals the likelihood that POTUS had foreknowledge of the Uranium deal and strategically played his hand at the right time to expose the Clinton/DNC fraud, and much more news is covered. The storm has indeed arrived. Sit tight folks, this is just…

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