Nature Walks – Loxadahatchee


Nature Walks, Loxadahatchee

The sun was up and shining before I was today, thanks to the return to Standard Time over the weekend.  I got myself out of the house and dove into the busy commute traffic to get to this large wildlife preserve, located between Boynton Beach Blvd and Atlantic Blvd., off of SR 7/441.


The marshes were quiet when I first arrived.  Few birds were in sight, so I turned my attention on some of the marsh flowers.  Then I kept seeing the demure Limpkins everywhere.  They’re a large, mostly brown-colored wading bird that often blends in completely with the marsh fauna.  Yet, today, I met several Limpkins walking down one of the grassy lanes of the preserve.  There were also the usual marsh hens, some Great and Little Blue Herons, Egrets and smaller songbirds.  I did spy out one alligator resting in one of the larger canals, with only eyes and snout showing above the water.


I also spotted an unusual feature on the ground; someone had dropped their license!  I pocketed the license and dropped it off at the office before leaving the preserve.  The volunteers at the desk knew all about the license being lost and had the person’s particulars on note paper.  They were delighted to see the ID.  One good deed for the day done!  A license is pretty small, but I make a habit of scanning my environment while walking in the marshes and the plastic stuck out.  I was just glad to be of assistance.


Here are some more photos for your viewing:







Have a great week, folks!

“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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