The “Grand” November 4 Antifa protests… seem to have “dudded out” (11-4-17)

Fizzle… folks have the right in America to protest, but not to commit sedition. Peaceful “protests”, yes; civil war, no.

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Here’s some links to just a few articles and videos that seem to show that all the (Soros funded, I presume) “great Antifa protests” were not necessarily that “great”. Anyway, at least they seemed mostly peaceful (quite unlike the post-election anti-Trump demonstrations).

Protesters at state Capitol have little aloha for Trump (Honolulu Star Advertiser)

‘Antifa Civil War’ on November 4 Was Really Just a Few Protests Against Trump (Yahoo News)

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters stage peaceful march through downtown L.A. (LA Times)

Antifa Revolution Ultimate FAIL!
ANTIFA Uprising Is A Major FAIL For Soros
Alex Jones Exposes Dud ANTIFA Demonstrations

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